Ashland’s New Biofunctional Helps Protect Your Hair and Scalp from Pollution


Paris, France - 14 January 2019
Pollution can wreak havoc on our hair and scalp, causing damage, dryness, and scalp sensitivity. Procataline™ G2 is a natural, botanical extract designed to help detox hair and purify the scalp against exposure to everyday air pollutants. This next generation BiotHAIRapy™ biofunctional is the ideal solution to shelter the hair and scalp from the detrimental effects of urban stress.

Anne Clay, marketing manager, said: “Formulators are increasingly looking for natural ingredients that have proven efficacy to fight the effects of pollution exposure. Procataline™ G2 is a new generation biofunctional, with superior antioxidant defenses against air pollution. This superior version of Procataline™ G2 has been developed from pea (Pisum Sativum) extract augmented with a chia seed (Salvia Hispanicum) extract.  Procataline G2 has been clinically tested in one of the most polluted cities in Asia and has demonstrated increased scalp hydration and barrier function, reduced sensitivity, redness and desquamation.

Talking with Penny Antonopoulos, global director of marketing - hair care, she said, “Anti-pollution hair care is as much about protecting the scalp as it is the hair itself. Hair care treatments can help reduce and protect against the effects of exposure to air pollutants, purify the scalp and detoxify the hair. Procataline G2 has been shown to chelate major heavy metals and reduce tryptophan degradation in the keratin of the hair fiber, making the hair less prone to damage.

Our scientific studies have explored the benefits that anti-pollutant products deliver. Our results provide added clarity and credibility on the impact that pollution has on skin, hair and scalp. In turn, such data helps build customer confidence and trust.”

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