The CDP Recognizes SILAB’s Exemplary Approach in Combating Climate Change


Saint-Viance, France - January 30th, 2019
SILAB is actively involved in combating climate change and is ranked in the leaders’ category of the global classification produced by the CDP, a non-profit organization.

On January 22, 2019, the CDP communicated the list of companies considered to be actively involved in combating climate change. On the basis of the independent evaluation of the 2018 data sent to the CDP, SILAB obtained an A- rating, placing the company among the leaders of the classification.

Compared to the average score in the sector which is D, this rating recognizes the effectiveness of the company’s ambitious actions to reduce carbon emissions. Xavier Gaillard, Deputy General Manager for Strategy at SILAB, is proud of this distinction: “Nature is our source of inspiration and our main resource of raw materials. It is therefore our duty to strive continually to reduce the impact of our activities on the environment and protect biodiversity. We are honored by this rating and keen to share it with all the SILAB teams who work day by day to achieve environmental excellence.

One of the exemplary actions carried out in 2018 to protect the planet was the creation of an internal carbon fund. By setting a price per ton of CO2 emitted by the company, around 100,000 euros of specific projects designed to reduce its carbon footprint have already been funded in 2018, and the same amount is planned for 2019.

In this way, SILAB intends to continue developing its services for the benefit of its customers, partners and teams, ensuring that a sustainable, environmentally-friendly strategy remains the bedrock of its activities.

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