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China Cosmetic Market to Gain Access to Cargill’s Nature-derived Ingredients

AlternativShanghai, China - August, 2018
Partnerships with BioHope and Sanrise China deliver on consumer preference for natural, sustainable claims... » more

Symrise AG: Interim Group Report for the First Half of 2018

AlternativHolzminden, Germany - August 14, 2018
Following a dynamic start to the year, Symrise AG accelerated its organic growth course in the second quarter... » more

Ashland’s Suprastim™ Biofunctional Revives Your Skin with Superfruits

AlternativSophia, Antopollis, France - August 13, 2018
Stress, too much sun and too little sleep are often factors contributing to hectic lifestyles, which can make skin look less luminous and less toned... » more

BSB Acknowledges Symrise Products SymGuard® CD and SymControlTM Care With Innovation Awards

AlternativHolzminden, Germany - August 8, 2018
In 2018, two Symrise developments were awarded with the renowned BSB Innovation Prize: The multifunctional active dedicated to personal hygiene... » more

Biesterfeld Gains Biosynthis as a Partner for Volatile, Biodegradable Emollients

AlternativHamburg, Germany - 08 August 2018
With the products from Biosynthis, starting immediately, Biesterfeld Spezialchemie will offer biodegradable emollients for the cosmetics and cleaning sectors.... » more
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