drom fragrances Precious Historical Flacons in an Extraordinary Exhibition “The Invention of Modern Perfume”” in the Artistic Lalique Museum


Baierbrunn/Wingen-sur-Moder - 14th May 2019
drom fragrances is with more than 100 antique flacons part of a fascinating journey through time in the Lalique Museum from May 17th to November 3rd 2019.

“The Invention of Modern Perfume” – the Lalique Museum immerses into the history of bottle making; from precious antique flacons to hidden secrets of perfumers. Approximately 400 objects are presented in the exhibition and the Storp collection is with more than 100 bottles a proud part of this captivating excursion into the past.

The visitors are taken into a world where scents were served as sacrifice, perfume was the art of amorous seduction and the encounter between a glassmaker and a perfumer created true art.

From May 17th to November 3rd2019 you can experience this unique and enchanting time travel in the Lalique Museum.

Drom is happy and proud to bring some of our most precious fragrance bottles to the magnificent exhibition "L'invention du parfum moderne". It is always nice to see these fantastic objects of creativity and beauty in one place.
– Dr. Ferdinand Storp (President)

It is our passion to create extraordinary fragrance compositions. As an international fragrance house we stand for quality and creativity for more than 100 years. At drom, consciousness of tradition meets start-up flair. With an exceptional sense for trends we are individually responsive to our clients and create tailor-made fragrances and concepts.

We work hand in hand with our clients and offer way more than just our olfactive competence – in our focus are their individual needs and thanks to our unique company structure, we are flexible to react fast while in the meantime big enough to work with brand manufacturers throughout the world.

Divided onto 5 international creative centres, the visionary perfumers of drom fragrances create unique scents each day for fine fragrances, cosmetics & toiletries, hair, body and home care. With our 500 employees in Europe, Asia, Middle East and America, we provide experts for each segment and offer a 360° insight into the global market.

The urge to create something „special“ has always been the driving force of the succesful family company, which is already run by third generation by the brothers Dr. Andreas Storp and Dr. Ferdinand Storp and which belongs to the top ten fragrance houses worldwide.

Our harmonized production with hightech-manufacturing facilities in Europe, USA, China and Brazil allows us to meet the growing market demands.

drom fragrances (www.drom.com)

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