CLR: A Sustainable Future


Berlin, Germany - June 2019
The Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations reports that one third of food produced for human consumption is wasted. The extreme growth in waste generation is one of the key challenges of today’s world. The valorization of waste is an important approach in not just reducing waste, but changing it into valuable products. Modern technology offers many effective methods for obtaining effective and safe ingredients from food waste. Incorporating these into personal care formulations offers a great opportunity for brands to boost their sustainability credentials and engage the environmentally-conscious consumer. Consumers want their products to be natural and sustainable and they want brands to be authentic, reliable and act responsibly. 51% of global consumers are influenced by “how ethical/ environmentally-friendly/ socially responsible the product is” when purchasing beauty products. 66% state that they buy beauty products with a “natural” claim. At the same time consumers are very demanding when it comes to product efficacy.

With this in mind, CLR developed AnnonaSense CLR. It is obtained from Cherimoya, an edible fruit, which is used in Spain for the production of juice. The left-over waste is ‘upcycled’ by us to create this brand new highly effective active ingredient. AnnonaSense CLR is a potent adaptogen, stabilizing a healthy homeostasis in skin and improving skin health and well-being.

Body Milk
This natural body milk will create a well-being moment every time you use it, leaving skin smooth and relaxed. It is carefully designed to provide stressed skin with a goal-oriented solution for well balanced and simply beautiful skin. Used as a summer body milk or after sun milk it will also take care of sun-stressed skin and calm it down.

Deep Cleansing Face Gel

Wash away dirt and impurities with this Deep Cleansing Face Gel, a natural and gentle cleanser for sensitive skin. The smart combination of MultiMoist CLR™ and AnnonaSense CLR leaves stressed skin moisturized and relaxed for a smooth and healthy appearance.



 26 - 28 June 2019

 in-cosmetics Korea

 Seoul, South Korea
 Booth B50



 02 - 03 July 2019

 SCS Annual Conference –
 Naturals in Cosmetic Science

 Manchester, UK



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