Mibelle Biochemistry extends distribution agreement with TRI-K to India

Northvale, NJ - January 2012
TRI-K Industries, Inc. is pleased to announce its recent appointment as representative of Mibelle Biochemistry products in India.

As the current representative in the USA, TRI-K is excited to extend Mibelle’s cutting edge technology to India’s fast growing market. The years of experience TRI-K has with this product line, charged by the energy of their new sales force in India, will allow TRI-K to quickly penetrate this market.

Mibelle carries an extensive line of plant based skin and hair care ingredients from Switzerland. They are best known for their Plant Stem Cell technology: PhytoCelTec ™ ingredients for anti-aging, but also have many other unique plant based actives giving various properties such as SPF boosting, slimming, and pore refining. With India’s growing middle class and increased demand for higher-end cosmetic and personal care products, it is a welcome time for Mibelle to enter this exciting market with a familiar business partner.

About TRI-K Industries, Inc.
TRI-K is a leading supplier of specialty raw materials to the global personal care and cosmetics industry. Since 1974, TRI-K has established a unique portfolio of active and functional personal care ingredients, and is an industry innovator in the development and marketing of specialty cosmetic proteins. TRI-K Industries is a proud member of the Galaxy Group of companies.

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About Mibelle Biochemistry
Mibelle Biochemistry, a Swiss company, is specialized in the research and development of innovative, high-quality actives for the cosmetic industry. Inspired by nature Mibelle Biochemistry transforms naturally derived compounds into truly functional cosmetic ingredients. Furthermore Mibelle Biochemistry possesses powerful encapsulation technologies that guarantee optimum bioavailability. All products are accompanied by comprehensive technical support and marketing-oriented documentation.

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