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VegeKer Plus: Hemp & Rice Proteins for Keratin Replacemet

Bologna, Italy - February 2019
VegeKer Plus is a blend of hydrolysed proteins from Hemp and Rice offered as a plant derived alternative to Keratin... » more

Clariant Increased Sales, Profitability and Operating Cash Flow in 2018

Muttenz, Switzerland -  February 13, 2019
Clariant, a focused and innovative specialty chemical company, today announced full year 2018 sales of CHF 6.623 billion compared to CHF 6.377 billion in... » more

Sabinsa Shagandha™ Ashwagandha Root Extract 2.5% Designed to Meet Usp Monograph, Verified by Prominent Botanical Testing Expert Alkemist Labs

East Windsor, NJ - February 11, 2019
Sabinsa has raised the quality bar for the popular adaptogen ashwagandha with Shagandha™ Ashwagandha Root Extract 2.5% USP from... » more

CLR : Skip Care – Focus on The Essential

AlternativBerlin, Germany - February 2019
South Korea is still one of the world’s most innovative and fastest-changing beauty markets. This success is built on continuous product innovation... » more

BASF Opens Application Technology Laboratory for Personal Care in Nigeria

AlternativLagos, Nigeria – February 8, 2019
BASF’s Care Creations™ has yesterday officially opened its new Application Technology Laboratory for personal care in Lagos, Nigeria... » more
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