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SenzaGen Strengthens Its Organization with IR and Communications Director

AlternativLund, Sweden - December 5, 2018
SenzaGen (Nasdaq First North: SENZA) today announced that the company has recruited Tina Dackemark Lawesson as communications director... » more

Emilie Coppermann Receives Prix François Coty

AlternativHolzminden, Germany – December 03, 2018
Emilie Coppermann has received the prestigious Prix François Coty on December 3, 2018, in the Château D’Artagny... » more

LESSONIA Starts a Factory Dedicated to Sheet Masks

AlternativSaint Thonan, France - November 2018
4 years ago Lessonia decided to invest on premises dedicated to sheet masks production for European and the North American markets... » more

Clariant Active Ingredients BioDTox™ Takes on Toxins to Fight Dull Complexion, Oily Skin & Successfully Cleanse Pollutants

Muttenz, Switzerland -  November 28, 2018
Clariant, a world leader in specialty chemicals, and its Active Ingredients business unveil new data further confirming the effectiveness of food-origin.... » more

Merck Wins Two R&D 100 Awards for Innovation in 2018

AlternativDarmstadt, Germany, November 27, 2018
Merck’s proxy-CRISPR wins Special Recognition Market Disruptor — Products award... » more
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