Lessonia’s Global Approach for Healthy Ageing

AlternativSaint Thonan, France - October 2018
Since several months, Lessonia has been working on new solution about the ageing vision. The time is to the prevention and the acceptation of ageing... » more

Lonza to Highlight New ScreenLight™ Block at In-Cosmetics Latin America

AlternativSouth Plainfield, NJ (USA) - 28 August 2018
Recently launched bioactive functional ingredient helps protect skin from blue light and environmental stressors... » more

Omya: Future-proof Products for Holistic Solutions

Oftringen, Switzerland - August 2018
SEPAWA, booth A103 & A116: Omya Consumer Goods showcases versatile, innovative solutions for personal and home care applications... » more

Ashland’s Suprastim™ Biofunctional Revives Your Skin with Superfruits

AlternativSophia, Antopollis, France - August 13, 2018
Stress, too much sun and too little sleep are often factors contributing to hectic lifestyles, which can make skin look less luminous and less toned... » more

Omya: Omyaskin® − a New Functional Mineral for Color Cosmetics

Oftringen, Switzerland - June 2018
Omya, a leading global supplier of calcium carbonates, has developed a new generation of recrystallized mineral particles for use in decorative cosmetic... » more

Emerald Kalama Chemical Launches Kalama® C-12 Lauric Aldehyde

VANCOUVER, WA - June 4, 2018
Emerald Kalama Chemical, a global leader in benzaldehyde and related aroma chemicals, has announced the launch of Kalama® C-12 Lauric Aldehyde... » more

The Innovation Company® presents: Dedraflow®

AlternativDreux, France - May 2018
D4 and D5 replacements tried and tested for over 20 years, only from The Innovation Company... » more

Gelest Inc. Capacity Increase Demonstrates Continued Commitment to Personal Care

AlternativMorrisville, Pa. - May 15, 2018
Demonstrating its continued commitment to the personal care industry, Gelest Inc. has increased its capacity for surface-treated pigments... » more

SEPPIC Launches SEPIBLISSTM, the First Nutricosmetic Ingredient Dedicated to Reactive Skin

AlternativParis, France - May 15th, 2018
At Vitafoods 2018, in Geneva, SEPPIC has launched SEPIBLISSTM, the first nutricosmetic active ingredient dedicated to reactive and sensitive skins... » more

BERKEM Presented at In-Cosmetics (A170) Global'Protek Its New Range for a Global Skin Protection

AlternativGardonne, France - March 23rd 2018
Berkem has applied its plant extraction expertise and omic sciences in order to screen and develop active extracts from 3 plants; bilberry, oregano and... » more

in-cosmetics 2018: Dow TRENDS|LAB 2018 Highlights Four Societal Value Shifts That Shape Personal Care Trends

MIDLAND, Mich. USA – April 16, 2018
Dow Home & Personal Care, a global business unit The Dow Chemical Company, today presented the formulation line-up for TRENDS|LAB 2018 at the... » more

Cactus Botanics Promotes Ingredient Purity

AlternativIrvine, CA - April 10, 2018
Adulteration, whether by accident or on purpose, has always been a concern. Overall, the dietary supplement industry has done a respectable... » more

Givaudan Active Beauty Unveils PrimalHyal™ Ultrafiller, a Cosmetic Alternative to Dermal Fillers, at in-cosmetics Global 2018

AlternativArgenteuil, France - 16 April 2018
The majority of aesthetic dermal fillers is based on HA and requires local injections with possible complications. Despite their cost, these fillers cannot restore skin’s natural protection.... » more

Givaudan Active Beauty to Launch Vetivyne™, a New Cosmetic Active Offering Powerful Beauty Benefits

AlternativGeneva, Switzerland - 16 April 2018
Givaudan Active Beauty combined the world of fragrances and cosmetics to create Vetivyne™, a new patent-pending powerful active ingredient with both anti-ageing benefits and long lasting properties to enhance fragrance wear... » more

Elevance Expands Personal Care Product Line with New Plant-based Emollient

AlternativWoodridge, Ill., USA - April 9, 2018 
100% Plant-Based Elevance Soft CG-200 Enables Silicone-Free Formulations for Skin and Hair...
» more

The New Haute couture in Fragrance - The Innovation Company 

AlternativDreux, France - April 2018
The Innovation Company® has been working on anti-age cosmetics since the early 1990s. With our latest testing equipment, we are able to... » more

EnergiNius™: Gattefossé New Launch at in-cosmetics Amsterdam 2018

AlternativLyon, France - March 29, 2018
Artificial visible light emitted by the screens of our smartphones, tablets and laptops acts an additional environmental stress on the skin... » more

Evolu’age™ - New Anti-aging Active Ingredient

AlternativLimoges, France - 02 April 2018
ID bio, part of Novacap group, launches Evolu’age™, a “well aging” active extracted from Getto leaves, sourced in Okinawa Island longevity secrets... » more

Clariant Launches EcoTain® in Personal Care at PCHi

Muttenz, Switzerland - March 19, 2018
Clariant, a world leader in specialty chemicals, today unveils its new “EcoTain in Personal Care” concept to support formulators in easily identifying... » more

Mibelle Biochemistry launches KeraGuard: Powerful Protection and Repair for Hair

AlternativBuchs, Switzerland - January, 2018
Hair is constantly exposed to a variety of stress factors. There is physical stress, such as blow drying as well as environmental stress factors like ROS, UV and pollution... » more

Givaudan Active Beauty wins Gold for Revivyl™ for the Best Innovation Ingredient Award at in-cosmetics Asia

AlternativArgenteuil, France - 2 November, 2017
Following a Gold award at in-cosmetics Latin America in September, Givaudan Active Beauty continues to impress industry experts with its active ingredient...
» more

Hallstar’s New Photostabilizer, AvoBrite®, Solves Customers’ Regulatory Challenges While Delivering Outstanding Photoprotection

AlternativChicago (IL), USA - October 2017
Building on two decades of photoprotection technology, Hallstar recently launched
its latest innovation, AvoBrite®... » more

Lipotec Proposes a Colorful Beauty Routine for a Healthy-looking Skin

AlternativBarcelona, Spain - October 2017
A healthy life in harmony with the planet has become an essential goal in our time. Just as we are aware of the impact our consumption habits have on... » more

Naturex Harnesses Exotic Cherry Power for New Beauty Food Skin Care Concepts

AlternativAvignon, France - October, 2017
Naturex has extended its ‘Beauty Food’ range of natural skin care solutions made with ingredients derived from plants found in the food chain... » more

Indena at SCS Formulate 2017: A Global Strategy for Skin Antipollution and More

AlternativMilano, Italy - October, 2017
Pollution is hitting our organisms with a growing impact. While all of us know about the harmful effects of pollution on our lungs, not everyone is aware... » more

Closing The Wet-wipe Stickiness Gap: New Adhesive Range from Avery Dennison

AlternativOegstgeest, the Netherlands - October, 2017
Wet wipes are one of the most popular cleaning products in the world. But until now, the adhesives on wet wipe packages would often fail, leaving the... » more

Long-lasting Freshness for All Sorts of Floors Thanks to Microcapsules by Follmann

AlternativMinden, Germany - 23 October 2017
As the first detergent manufacturer to implement microencapsulated fragrances, HOTREGA® has opted for Follmann capsule technology. » more

Alban Muller to Participate at SCC California Supplier's Day 2017

AlternativMiami, USA - October 17, 2017
Alban Muller is returning to Supplier’s day at the Long Beach Convention Center in California with Roelmi HTC, to introduce the newest cosmetics... » more

Merck Receives Award for Its “Advanced Light Protection” Concept

AlternativDarmstadt, Germany, October 20, 2017
Merck, a leading science and technology company, yesterday received the Sepawa Innovation Award 2017 for its “Advanced Light Protection” concept.... » more

drom fragrances Creates The Scent for The New Cumaru Raiz Line for L´Occitane au Brésil

AlternativBaierbrunn/São Paulo - October 19, 2017
drom fragrances is proud to announce the creation of an exclusive fragrance for the men´s collection “Cumaru Raiz Line” for L´Occitane au Brésil.... » more

Vantage Continues Commitment to Naturally Derived Ingredients

AlternativWarren, NJ (USA) - October 18, 2017
Vantage Specialty Ingredients, Inc. continues its commitment to providing Naturally Better Solutions™ to the personal care market with the development... » more

SEPAWA 2017: BASF Showcases Solutions to Support Current Market Trends

AlternativBerlin, Germany – October 18, 2017
At Berlin's first SEPAWA congress from October 18 – 20, BASF will be presenting the company's latest solutions for applications in the Home Care... » more

Clariant Launches Product Innovations & Trend Concept at SEPAWA 2017

Muttenz, Switzerland - October 18, 2017
Clariant, a world leader in specialty chemicals, today unveils an inspirational new platform linking megatrends with products for the Home Care market... » more

Novozymes: Custom-made for African and Asian laundry

AlternativCopenhagen, Denmark – October 17, 2017
Novozymes has launched Novozymes Progress® In, a new enzymatic solution to help detergent producers in emerging markets develop better detergents... » more

Lonza Consumer Care Highlights LaraCare® A200 Naturally Occurring, Multifunctional Polymer for Skin Care at SEPAWA Congress 2017

AlternativSouth Plainfield, NJ (USA) - 17 October 2017
At the SEPAWA Congress 2017, Lonza Consumer Care (Stand A113-114) will showcase LaraCare® A200 polymer, a natural multifunctional... » more

Clariant’s New Sunflower-Based Surfactant is a True Pioneer

Muttenz, Switzerland - October 12, 2017
Clariant, a world leader in specialty chemicals, heralds a new era for renewable surfactants in hand dishwashing liquid (HDWL) detergents... » more

Ashland, Winner of Gold Award for Best New Functional Ingredient, Solves Again and Launches a New Ingredient with Skin Detoxination Properties

AlternativBridgewater, NJ, USA - October 11, 2017
Ashland has introduced a unique detoxination ingredient for skin care that is extracted from condurango, a vine sustainably sourced in Colombia... » more

Lubrizol to Participate at Sepawa, Berlin

Claveland, USA - October 16, 2017
The Lubrizol Corporation announces its Personal Care and Home Care business is participating at Sepawa in Berlin, Germany October 18-20... » more

WeylChem Announces Launch of Three New Products at Sepawa Congress

AlternativWiesbaden, Germany - 10 October 2017
WeylChem´s Business Unit Consumer Care is a producer of specialty chemicals for the home and personal care market. Exhibiting at booth number B325... » more

Lonza Showcases Optimized Polyglyceryl Ester Combination, Multifunctional Polymer and Preservative Portfolio at in-cosmetics Latin America

AlternativSouth Plainfield, NJ (USA) - 6 October 2017
At incosmetics Latin America from 20-21 September in São Paulo (BR), Lonza demonstrated how it helps formulators optimize the functionality of... » more

MitoClean - Coconut Water or a Healthier Skin

AlternativIporanga, Brazil - 06 October 2017
Detoxification is a booming concept, with interest ranging from medical offices to laboratories in the personal care industry... » more

HAIRGENYL®, The SILAB’s Innovation Doubly Rewarded!

AlternativSão Paulo, Brazil. - September 2017
Leader in the engineering of cosmetic natural active ingredients, SILAB was doubly honored at in-cosmetics Latin America... » more

Clariant Wins ITEHPEC Innovation Award at in-cosmetics Latin America 2017

São Paulo, Brazil - September 26, 2017
Clariant, a world leader in specialty chemicals, has won silver in the prestigious annual Innovation Awards of the Institute of Technology and Studies for... » more

Givaudan Active Beauty Wins Gold with Revivyl™ for The Best Innovation Ingredient Award at in-cosmetics Latin America

AlternativArgenteuil, France - September 21st, 2017
Givaudan Active Beauty is delighted to announce that one of its latest innovative active ingredient RevivylTM, the very first holistic skin renewal accelerator... » more

Symrise Launches KeraSymTM Rescue at in-cosmetics in São Paulo

AlternativHolzminden, Germany - September 21, 2017
Symrise is launching its innovative hair care ingredient KeraSymTM Rescue at in-cosmetics 2017 in Latin America.... » more

Innovationspreis Frost & Sullivan Recognizes GREENTECH SA´s URBALYS

AlternativStarnberg, Germany - 20 September 2017
GREENTECH’s URBALYS® provides three unique protective functions in one skin care ingredient... » more

PatcH2O® for Hair Care Applications: Immediate and Long-Lasting Hydration of The Scalp

AlternativDuesseldorf, Germany - September 4, 2017
The secret of beautiful hair lies at its roots – with a healthy scalp. A dry, dehydrated scalp, which can feel uncomfortable, tight and itchy, is a common problem... » more

Clariant to Present BeautyForward®-Inspired Formulations and New Active Ingredients Unit at in-cosmetics Asia 2017

Muttenz, Switzerland - September 4, 2017
Clariant, a world leader in specialty chemicals, will exhibit at the in-cosmetics Asia 2017 exhibition to be staged at the Bangkok International Trade... » more

SymBrightTM Protects Skin from Overreactions to Aggressive Environmental Influences

AlternativHolzminden, Germany - August 30, 2017
SymBrightTM, produced in high purity from clary sage is a natural, sustainable, and versatile product from Symrise.... » more

WHITONYL®, and The Complexion Becomes Porcelain

AlternativSaint-Viance, France - 29 August 2017
WHITONYL® is a natural depigmenting active ingredient, which attenuates pigment spots and gives back to the skin its uniformity and lightness... » more