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Lachemi Chemorgsare introducing a range of Natural Emulsifiers & Emollients which are PEG,EO, polymers FREE. They bring extreme, luxurious softness to your formulations. The new ingredients, La’Emul boosts moisturizing capacity, providing the skin with a unique, cushiony-soft feel and long-lasting comfort.

La’Emul are proven to be very mild to skin and eyes. Besides being non-irritant, they provide a silky feeling to the skin and can reduce the irritant properties of other substances present in cosmetic formulations. It boosts the natural moisturization of formulas in two ways: The skin surface lipid is broken down by the skin releasing lactic acid which, being a natural humectant, improves the barrier function and stimulates ceramide production. Second, they form a soft, smooth film on the skin’s surface and prevent the skin from water loss. The skin can perfectly breathe as it does not prevent normal skin breathing & perspiration.

La’Emul provides a excellent texture, a cream formulated can be compared to a formula containing a high amount of silicones, polymers and elastomers. You obtain that same “cushion” effect with extreme softness during application.
In addition, La’Emul esters can offer other unique benefits to personal care formulations. 

• Ingredient of choice for green cosmetics.
• Excellent tolerance profile, non-irritant.
• Vegetable origin: based on natural and renewable raw materials.
• Provides a conditioned, silky after-feel to creams and lotions.
• Boosts the natural moisturization of formulas.
• Excellent compatibility with natural ingredients (vegetable oils, etc.)
• Wide array of viscosities form lotions to thick creams.
• Pleasant skin feel, mat and powdery finish.
• Easily biodegradable & Eco friendly.
• Ethylene oxide & PEG free.
• They cover a wide range of HLB values.
• Stable at pH values between 4 and 8 & stable at higher temperatures.
• Carcinogenic, allergic effects of the Chemicals are avoided.

• Day and night creams  • Face cleansers and deep hydrating 
• Face and eye-contour
• Hypoallergenic tested creams
• Sun-screen and after-sun
• Baby care produts
• Hair conditioning creams
• Self tanning products
• Make-up: mascara,
  creamy foundations and eye-

 La’Emul - Range of Natural Emulsifiers & Emollients
• Sucrose based
• Olive based
• Exotic oil based

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