Long-lasting Freshness for All Sorts of Floors Thanks to Microcapsules by Follmann


Minden, Germany - 23 October 2017
Each company who aims to stand out from the competition needs to offer its products with added values. In the detergent and cleaning industry, this, for example, succeeds by the application of microencapsulated fragrances, as now successfully demonstrated by HOTREGA® with its new DESO-FLOOR® scent conditioner. As the world´s first, the cleaning agent manufacturer from Bad Salzschlirf, Germany, has developed a high-performance cleaning agent, which not only ensures the thorough cleaning of floor coverings but which, thanks to Follmann´s micro-active scent capsules, also generates a fresh smell that is both pleasant and long-lasting.

The added value achieved through the use of microcapsules filled with fragrances extends far beyond the world of scent marketing. The small capsules can also be used for detergents and cleaning agents as a way of ensuring longer-lasting freshness. In order to offer this additional benefit to its customers, HOTREGA®, developer and producer of innovative cleaning agents and care products has elected to use FOLCO MICRODEUR® microcapsules from Follmann, the expert for the development and manufacture of speciality chemicals.

These capsules are applied in the new DESO-FLOOR® scent conditioner, a concentrate that not only cleans and cares all types of floor coverings but, thanks to the microactive scent capsules, also generates a pleasant freshness that lasts for several days. The microencapsulated long-term scent finishing for floor coverings is particularly ideal for public areas, such as foyers and sanitary facilities, class/conference/sales rooms, changing rooms and hotel rooms for the successful and long-lasting covering of unpleasant odours, such as those produced for example by sweat and cigarette smoke. The outstanding feature of this innovative product is the fact that the fragrance is only released through mechanical action, such as footfall, after the cleaning agent has dried. This means that the effect does not just disappear overnight but occurs during the process of application, thus ensuring longer-lasting freshness over several days. By comparison: the fragrance of conventional scented cleaners tends to dissipate after just 10-15 minutes. "We are delighted with Follmann's encapsulation technology, which has enabled us to develop a product that has a real USP on the market and which, to date, is unique worldwide in our industry" enthused Michael Hoffmann, Head of Product and Sales Marketing at HOTREGA®. "What's more – thanks to the extension of the cleaning intervals and the ability to dispense with conventional systems to fragrance areas – our customers are also saving money."

Small capsules – big effect
For its customers Follmann encapsulates fragrance oils and other substances. For this purpose, the respective substances are "packed" in microscopically small capsules to protect them. This enables their safe transport and release at the required moment. "Thanks to our unique technology, the microcapsules are extremely stable, that the contents do not leak out prematurely or by accident", explained Dr Heiko Warnecke, Head of Business Unit Functional Solution + New Business at Follmann. The secret: the stability or wall thickness of the capsules can be individually adjusted to meet the requirements. The fragrances or condition agents are released in a controlled manner by mechanical action – in the case of DESO-FLOOR® scent conditioner, by walking on the floor. "Our innovative microcapsules enable manufacturers to offer products with added value, thus significantly increasing their appeal and effectiveness", continued Dr Heiko Warnecke.

About the Follmann Group
The Follmann Group is owner-operated, has a growing international presence and a long-standing record of success with its subsidiaries Follmann and Triflex. Its key competences are the development, manufacturing and sales of speciality chemicals for the processing industry (printing inks, adhesives and encapsulation) as well as waterproofing systems, infrastructure and marking materials for the construction industry. The Follmann Group offers innovative solutions, products and customer-specific services and is thus a leading market force for speciality chemicals in Europe.

In 2016, the Group employed 670 people and posted a turnover of 192 million euros. Production, development and the Follmann Group’s central functions are concentrated at the headquarters in Minden. The export rate amounts to 50 per cent. The Follmann Group is represented successfully by a number of affiliates, local distributors and sales offices worldwide.

Your contact at Follmann:
Name: Ina Schnelle
Tel.: +49 571 9339-198
Fax: +49 571 9339-8198
Email: Ina.Schnelle(at)follmann.de

HOTREGA® GmbH has been developing, manufacturing and marketing innovative cleaning and care products and high-quality adhesives and sealants since 1997. The ingenuity of its employees, customer proximity thanks to an extensive field service, excellent consultation and service skills and the broad scope and quality of its product range are just some of the strengths of HOTREGA®. The presence of the owner-managed company on the German and Austrian markets is currently underpinned by some 100 employees. Its customer base includes specialist trade, as well as many commercial users and bulk consumers. Its products include high-performance cleaning agents and care products for wood and stone surfaces and eco-friendly system solutions designed to maintain the value of house and garden.

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