Mibelle Biochemistry launches KeraGuard: Powerful Protection and Repair for Hair


Powerful protection and repair for hair

Buchs, Switzerland - 
January, 2018
Hair is constantly exposed to a variety of stress factors. There is physical stress, such as blow drying as well as environmental stress factors like ROS, UV and pollution. In addition, there is chemical stress, which includes coloring and straightening. All of these different factors induce structural damage to the F-layer, the outermost protective layer of the hair, as well as to the hair fiber. As a result, the hair becomes more porous, brittle, dull looking and is actually even more exposed to further damage.

KeraGuard is a smart fusion of tara tannins and organic sunflower sprout extract that has been designed to counter all of these harmful effects. Tara tannins are extremely potent antioxidants and radical scavengers that naturally bind to the protein structure of the hair. In combination with the compounds of the sunflower sprouts they are capable of neutral-lizing all of the negative daily effects on the hair. In addition KeraGuard helps to repair the hair and make it healthy and lustrous.
  • • Protects hair against heat and UV stress
  • • Repairs chemically treated hair
  • • Prevents color fading of hair
  • • Restores the resilience of hair
In comprehensive ex-vivo studies KeraGuard was shown to repair chemically treated hair and to protect hair against physical stresses. Furthermore, 0.5% KeraGuard was shown to protect dyed hair from color fading as well as to reduce the damaging effect of heat on the hair cuticle scales. Significantly, it performs effectively in leave-on and rinse-off formulations.

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