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Dreux, France - April 2018
Tenue de Parfum® – The only way to feel your new fragrance with a modern visual and sensory media –

Imagine elegance, freshness, shimmer and texture then imagine an exclusive sensory experience unique to only you.

Imagine what you want from a fragrance. Think long lasting fragrance, think silky soft skin, cashmere touch, think endless colour then combine them and think this is unique to you.

Think this is only for me - Tenue de Parfum® - The ultimate fragrance innovation.
Tenue de Parfum® is based on a polysaccharide structure which allows very long lasting hours of fragrance diffusion. Skin diffusion is established with Infra Red (IR) test method and can be incorporated in all types of formulations. You apply directly onto the skin or hair.

Our In vivo testing method confirms a unique 210 minutes of fragrance diffusion. This is in comparison to 7 minutes with the classic hydro-alcoholic base. Our base is resistant to all types of fragrance compounds including aldehydes.

Several physics co-factors come into play for slowing the olfactive release and presence, which permits very long lasting fragrance compared to the usual flash effect of alcohol based fragrances.
Tenue de Parfum® brings a new sensory experience to fragrance and can incorporate shimmering Creastar® pearls. Including our new Creastar® and new haute couture textile fibers including linen, Jersey or silk, we offer unique textures and skin feel through innovation.
You live Tenue de Parfum®, you feel Tenue de Parfum®, you see Tenue de Parfum® and you smell Tenue de Parfum®.
Tenue de Parfum® allows you to create a multi-sensory visual fragrance. Make your fragrance perform with innovative, unique technology. The cost reflects of the innovation, offer real new pleasure and sensory intelligence.
Tenue de Parfum®, the only new real perfume media in centuries - Be the first to bring your fragrance into the 21st century!

Be the first to experience this innovation with us at InCosmetics Amsterdam 2018 and “Live the future, now”.

Ask for our portfolio of In Vivo tested formulations using our Tenue de Parfum®, which include our new water-based rheology and memory texture Hydrasoft® Sea ER and the new hero oil, Meadowfoam® MD ISO 16128, our active delivery and skin cooling agent Micromatrix® Fractile AN.
Tenue de Parfum®, the new olfactive media, only from The Innovation Company®.

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