BERKEM Presented at In-Cosmetics (A170) Global'Protek Its New Range for a Global Skin Protection


Gardonne, France - March 23rd 2018
Berkem has applied its plant extraction expertise and omic sciences in order to screen and develop active extracts from 3 plants; bilberry, oregano and quince.

Thereafter, in vitro efficacy tests have allowed to showcase specific mechanism of action, to each active.

Aqua’Protek, oregano extract, acts on epidermal keratinocytes leading to a significantly dose-dependent increase (+49%**) of loricrine rate, following an inflammatory stress (TNF-α). By inducing the increase of loricrine, Aqua’Protek protects the cornified envelope damaged due to an inflammatory stress. It helps to maintain impermeability and thus a state of skin hydration.

Chrono’Protek is a quince extract. Its action on dermal fibroblasts after an exposition to a UVA stress, shows a dose-dependent decrease (-75%***) in the quantity of MMP-1 produced by fibroblasts. Chrono’Protek protects the collagen pool of the extracellular matrix. Skin becomes firm and re-plumps.

Screen’Protek, bilberry extract, has shown an action on the barrier function of epidermal keratinocytes. Indeed, after the addition of the extract with an inflammatory stress (IL-17), the protection rate of the barrier function shows a dose-dependent increase (+104%**). Screen’Protek restores the skin barrier deteriorated due to an inflammatory stress and acts as a shield against exterior assaults.

To use between 1 to 5% in formulation, those 3 extracts are recommended in protection care for skin and body.

Visitors could test on booth A170 products containing GLOBAL’PROTEK actives; a BB cream, a lifting serum and an after-sun cream.

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