Gelest Inc. Capacity Increase Demonstrates Continued Commitment to Personal Care


Morrisville, Pa.
- May 15, 2018
Demonstrating its continued commitment to the personal care industry, Gelest Inc. has increased its capacity for surface-treated pigments. Gelest has brought on additional blending capacity at its Morrisville, Pa., facility to support its cosmetic customer base. 

Surface-treated pigments give formulators better flexibility in formulating color cosmetics with enhanced properties and performance,” said Daria Carlin Long, Gelest personal care business lead.

In addition, Gelest is known for its unique ability to create new chemistry to modify the surface characteristics of particles.  “Using novel organosilicon compounds synthesized at Gelest,” she said, “we developed a series of surface-modified pigments to meet the changing market requirements of color cosmetics.

A naturally derived alternative to caprylyl methicone
At NYSCC Supplier’s Day 2018, Gelest was showcasing Vertasil® TM-L01 LIMONENYLTRISILOXANE, a naturally derived multifunctional hybrid fluid alternative to caprylyl methicone and to cyclomethicone. Versatil TM-L01 is derived from limonene, the major ingredient of citrus rind oil, and a low molecular siloxane. It has improved volatility and better solubility than caprylyl methicone, plus an improved sensory experience on skin.

Versatil TM-L01 reduces tack and greasiness, imparts a light and dry skin feel, and leaves a soft and silky after feel. The colorless and odorless fluid improves spreadability and enables fast absorption on the skin. In addition, the gentle cleansing properties of Versatil TM-L01 offer formulators an additional benefit in cleansers, wipes, lotions, foundations and other cosmetics and personal care products.

About Gelest                                                                                                          
Gelest, Inc., headquartered in Morrisville, Pennsylvania, is recognized worldwide as an innovator, manufacturer and supplier of commercial and research quantities of organosilicon compounds, metal-organic compounds and silicones. Gelest serves advanced technology markets through a materials science-driven approach. The company provides focused technical development and application support for cosmetic and personal care materials, semiconductors, medical materials, pharmaceutical synthesis, diagnostics and separation science, and specialty polymeric materials: “Gelest – Enabling Your Technology.”

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