Lessonia’s Global Approach for Healthy Ageing


Saint Thonan, France - October 2018

Healthy ageing: a growing trend
Since several months, Lessonia has been working on new solution about the ageing vision. The time is to the prevention and the acceptation of ageing signs more than how to make them disappear.

Ageing is a global preoccupation for all generations. As a consequence, younger people tend to adopt preventing ageing cares before using anti-wrinkles products.

Moreover, pushed by the healthy lifestyle trend, consumers expect from the cosmetic industry to provide a more holistic approach to the beauty with a strong link between health and beauty.

LESSONIA’s global approach
LESSONIA has developed two main products that perfectly fit to this new trend.

HEALTHYSKIN = Active ingredient / The scientific translation of the healthy ageing concept
Healthyskin is an active ingredient offering a global approach to restore the three epidermal physiological mechanisms for a visibly younger and healthier appearance.

• 100% natural origin made by biohydrolysation of a marine polysaccharide
• Patented in partnership with the Roscoff R&D Center (CNRS)

HEALTHY LOOKINGMASK = A 100% trendy and 100% natural Sheet Mask
As an answer to the face sheet mask growing trend, Lessonia has formulated a sheet mask serum for healthy ageing. It is formulated with the Healthyskin active ingredient and can be impregnated in various sheet mask (lyocell, bio-cellulose, black mask, eye patch, hydrogel…..).

• 100% from natural origin ingredients
• Preservative-free
• Fragrance-free
• Globally approved

Croas ar Neizic
29800 Saint Thonan

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