proDERM Academy: Virtual Workshop - In vivo skin analysis with Raman Spectroscopy

proDERM Academy: Virtual Workshop - In vivo skin analysis with Raman Spectroscopy

In cooperation with RiverD International, the proDERM Academy will host an exclusive virtual workshop dedicated to the topic of Confocal Raman Microspectroscopy (CRMs). CRMs is a technology which opens new horizons for anyone engaged in skin-related research. For developers of topically applied products CRMs uplifts the benchmark with regard to in vivo skin research especially in the investigation of in vivo penetration. For marketeers CRMs enlarges possibilities in claims support. For research professionals CRMs may be a diagnostic tool in the first place. The range of possible applications of CRMs is diverse and innovative at the same time.

This half day workshop was created to educate industry professionals and academic researchers alike, for whom CRMs may be a beneficial technology. Delegates of this interactive workshop will learn about the basic principles of the technology and the information it can provide about the molecular composition of the skin and how it may be used for diagnostic purposes. Special attention will be given to the topics of in vivo skin penetration and permeation of topically applied materials and ’skin hydration‘.

Break-out sessions around a number of topics will be organized to provide interactive discussion and practice of your newly acquired knowledge.

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