Overall Renewal of Lipids Improves Skin Hydration and Fragrances Long Lasting

M. De Tollenaere, E. Chapuis, L. Lapierre, M. Bracq, C. Lambert, D. Auriol, A. Scandolera, R. Reynaud

Skin lipids quality and quantity are essential for an efficient barrier function and providing skin hydration. It is well described
today that these parameters are affected by ageing, resulting in skin sagging, wrinkles and dryness. Due to the strong commitment of our scientists to innovate responsibly and create value, they designed a high value active ingredient named here as Vetiver extract, using a groundbreaking upcycling approach. We have verified that this unique extract was able to reactivate the skin surface lipids production, bringing skin hydration for mature skin. Among the lipids capable of modifying the skin surface, there are those from sebum and skin barrier.
We firstly demonstrated that Vetiver extract was able to increase specific lipids involved in skin hydration such as ceramides and
their precursors on Reconstructed Human Epidermis and skin explants. This improvement was then evidenced at clinical level in a panel of mature volunteers with poor hydration level. The extract brought hydration through an increase of lipids content and modification of lipids conformation into the skin as measured by Raman spectroscopy.
Secondly, we demonstrated that Vetiver extract allows sebum production from human sebocytes cells lines. At the clinical level
on mature volunteers, we confirmed this improvement with a significant increase of sebum production.
By influencing lipid content and structure at different levels, it was hypothesized that Vetiver extract could impact the interaction between skin lipids and volatile compounds provided by fragrance application. We demonstrated, thanks to an innovative study design, that Vetiver extract lengthens the duration of fragrance by emphasizing fragrances’ heart and base notes over time.
In conclusion, we developed an upcycled active ingredient able to bring skin benefits for mature skin and boosting fragrance.


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