Sustainable and Versatile Additive for Rheology Modification of Liquid and Structuring of Solid Detergents

S. Nad, S. Creutz, Ch. Simon, R. Benbakoura, F. Vandemeulebroucke, D. Dandekar, P. Chojnacki

Today's trend towards more sustainable detergents translates into a need for biodegradable and biosourced materials that perform well in the target applications. One of the approaches to enable more sustainable products relies on high yield additives, such as rheology modifiers or structurants. Those additives helps to do more with less; lower levels of active ingredients, same performance at reduced cost, concentrated formulations. Dow Home care technical team have designed a new bio-based, biodegradable technology, SupraCare™ 780 Additive which would be a perfect fit. The present study will demonstrate how to use this new material to obtain optimum rheology in liquid formulations and high water structuring and retention across solids formats with reduced levels versus current materials.


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