Development of a Cosmetic Ingredient to Restore Facial Balance, Inspired by Aesthetic Procedures

Mola Gemma, Gonzàlez-Pons Eulàlia, Gálvez Jordi, Soley Albert, Almiñana Núria, Delgado Raquel

Surgical and non-surgical aesthetic medicine procedures have garnered interest in the past several years, with consumer interest for treatments for facial asymmetry and sculpting growing. Morphological aspects of the face, like the symmetry of facial proportions, can be attributed to the structural components within the dermal layer. While collagen and elastin play important roles to provide structure to the skin and to maintain elasticity and firmness, boosting the production of ECM components may not be sufficient to restore facial asymmetry. This leads to the possibility of a separate dermal component that is responsible for the whole dermal skin architecture. Here we report how telocytes, a newly discovered skin cell type that maintains dermal structure, as well as regulates stem cells and supports epidermal organization, can become damaged by cortisol. A new biotechnological extract has been developed to protect telocytes from this effect. Further, it has been found to bring facial features closer to the Phi number or Golden ratio, a mathematical expression used by cosmetic surgeons to represent harmony of facial proportions. It has also been found to improve the symmetry of the chin contour, skin firmness, and luminosity, as well as reduce wrinkles. By restoring the Phi ratio of the internal and external structures of the skin, the new biotechnological extract can mimic the effect of aesthetic medicine procedures to restore facial harmony and balance.


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