The Path to Natural Cosmetics: Sustainable, Resource-saving and Well-tolerated

D. Bogdanov

With the growing interest in a sustainable and natural skincare routine, natural cosmetics are becoming increasingly important. The term natural cosmetics is not clearly definable, as there is no standardised definition from the legislator. However, consumers have clear expectations: Skin compatibility, predominantly natural raw materials, free from animal testing and environmentally friendly manufacturing practices [1]. This is precisely the mission of Cosphatec GmbH. It has set itself the task of providing skin-friendly and natural raw materials for modern cosmetics that meet the demands of consumers. Many common ingredients in cosmetics are of synthetic origin, sometimes have negative side effects and ultimately persist in nature. To address these issues, Cosphatec offers different categories of raw materials that are naturally sourced, vegan and biodegradable. The categories range from protection of the water phase, protection of the fat phase, thickening agents for galenics to active ingredients for formulations. Almost all raw materials are also COSMOS and NATRUE certified and are produced according to the highest quality standards.


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