Liposculpture through Plant Cell Factors: Genuine Fat Burning Plant Signals for Simultaneous Targeted Slimming and Skin Repair

O. Expósito, M. Perez, R. Vallecillo, M. Mas, A. Gallego, T. Ruiz, D. Luna, S. Laplana

An excess and accumulation of fat can have very negative effects on skin and body, accelerating ageing and creating saggingAn excess and accumulation of fat can have very negative effects on skin and body, accelerating ageing and creating saggingof the skin, among others.The ingredient SARCOSLIM RE-SHAPEPRCF (INCI name: Sarcocapnos Crassifolia callus lysate), made from the callus culture of theextremophile and close to extinction South-Iberian plant Sarcocapnos crassifolia, introduces the new concept of Liposculpting:a skin remodeling system that helps reduce fat, while taking advantage of the intercellular communication and energy releasedthrough the burning of these lipids, to tighten and reaffirm the tissue, making possible for specific parts of the body to besculpted at will.A full panel of studies support the multi-activity claims of SARCOSLIM RE-SHAPEPRCF: in vitro tests demonstrate the ingredient’santi-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, while ex vivo tests were performed to proof its Lipolytic effect, skin restructurationand metabolic activation in skin explants. Finally, in vivo testing was carried out with volunteers with and without caloricrestriction, in order to measure the ability of the ingredient to increase and improve firmness and elasticity in specific parts ofthe body. The results not only demonstrated the active’s high efficacy, remodeling effect and targeted slimming, but also, itssynergistic effect with diet: although the ingredient is very efficient in absence of diet, its efficacy is even higher under caloricrestriction.


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