sofw journal 10-2016, English, Print

Home Care
A. T. Wagner, A. Bach, S. Wehler
New Multifunctional Hydrotropic Surfactants with Excellent Performance
F. Weiher, M. Neubauer
Green Bacterial Disinfection with Lactic Acid
F. R. Schröder
Bio-Based Ingredients for Consumer Products – Sustainability Criteria as a Challenge
S. Block
Conversion of Bio-Based, Unsaturated Methyl Esters into Detergent-Grade Surfactants
Personal Care
O. Expósito, M. Perez, R. Vallecillo, M. Mas, A. Gallego, T. Ruiz, S. Laplana
Hair Bulb Epigenetic Reset by Genuine Plant Growth Factors
N. Konaté, M. Nahrwold
Sustainably Sourced Pentylene Glycol – A Green All-Rounder
G. Demazeau, A. Plumecocq
Latest Developments of High Hydrostatic Pressure Processes in Cosmetics
Sepawa News
T. Kimmel, T. Leiblein, T. Hofmann
The Importance and Diversity of Raw Materials
Conference of SEPAWA Specialist Group Professional Cleaning and Care
KahlWax: Beach Boys Hair Wax, Pamper My Hair! Overnight Hair Mask
Evonik: Intensive Protecting Conditioner with Creatine, Time Reversing Eye Roller, Premium Facial Cleansing Foam
Interview with Prof. Dr. Pein-Hackelbusch
Interview with Shaheen Majeed
Company News
Symrise: Notable Sustainability
New Sales Partner for KahlWax
GREENSEA – A Successful Company, Invests
Film de Teint® – A New Type of Water-Based Rheology 
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