Interview with Cornelia Schürch, Managing Director Mibelle Biochemistry

Cornelia Schürch, Managing Director
Mibelle Biochemistry

Mrs. Schürch, you have been the new Managing Director at Mibelle Biochemistry since May 1,2021. 

How did you enjoy the first months in this new position?

It is very exciting, as we do have a lot of interesting projects going on. Especially in the digital world, the pandemic brought us digital evolution and we believe this is very positive. There is a chance to learn something new every day, and very interesting opportunities arise from this extremely challenging situation.

Your new launch is an upcycled ingredient fighting gray hair, called MelanoGray. Could you let us a bit more about it? How effective is it?

We produce the active using a peel paste extract from unique organic Chios mandarins. The functionality is given by the high antioxidant levels achieved with the extract and their positive impacts on different mechanisms within the melanin synthesis: Not only is there an increased production of eumelanin (the relevant pigment for the hair color), but also an induced melanocyte proliferation. This means that not only the existing melanocytes are producing more pigments, but also there is a higher number of melanocytes which are producing the pigments. Furthermore, the melanocytes are protected from stress related negative impacts of noradrenaline to keep their functionality. With this stimulation of the melanin synthesis mechanisms, the amount of grey hair is significantly reduced in men and women in a long lasting way.

Sustainability is also one of Mibelle`s mottos. What is the raw material of MelanoGray and how is the production track?

This is a very interesting story. We got to know a small Swiss perfume producer, having her own little farm at the idyllic Greek island of Chios. She explained that to produce her aroma therapy oils, a particular sort of mandarin, distinctive to this island, is used. Unfortunately, there are not many orchards left and she wants to support these farmers, so she is collaborating with a farmer cooperation on the island. This is how the story started. Now we use the mandarin paste, which is a waste material from the aroma therapy oil production, as starting material for MelanoGray. With the upcycling of this material we support the farmers to maintain their orchards and producing the unique mandarins on Chios island.  

Mibelle`s dedication is: “Designing ideas for added value”. And your mission is to create the most innovative actives for your customers. 

What is your next innovative active ingredient that you will launch?

We do have a couple of very interesting projects in the pipeline covering different concepts of anti-aging. Also a second upcycling product is close to be launched, which we are very excited about it.

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