2023 NYSCC Suppliers‘ Day: Reimagining Renewal & Wellness

An interview with Stacey House (NYSCC), Jay Ansell (PCPC) and Birgit Huber (IKW)
Group Interview

The theme of the 2023 NYSCC Suppliers‘ Day (May 2nd and 3rd) is Reimagining Renewal & Wellness. What can attendees expect and how will the conference reflect the theme?

Stacey House, NYSCC Chair: 

The theme, Reimagining Renewal & Wellness, will be evident throughout Suppliers’ Day  “Week of Beauty.”  The event will focus on all elements that foster renewal and will shine a light on sustainable beauty.  Suppliers’ Day will bridge how wellness, and eco-consciousness touches all areas of the industry including home care, pet care, as well as feminine and intimate care.  Attendees will be immersed in relaxing scents and be able to re-charge their minds, bodies and devices in activations on the show floor along with key installations that will bring nature indoors!  The annual scavenger hunt will be turned into a WELLNESS WALK with attendees counting steps and other activities while engaging with select exhibitors.

The Awards Night celebration on May 2nd, revealing the finalists of CEW Beauty Creators Award for Ingredients & Formulations, will also embrace the theme and tantalize all the senses through taste, touch, sight and sound.  

Is admission free for the presentations? 

All the presentations and educational offerings on the exhibit floor are complimentary.  There will be an Innovations Theater in Hall A and the Main Stage will be in Hall D.  Presentations and educational programs that take place in the meeting rooms outside the exhibit halls, including the PCPC/IKW: Modernizing Cosmetic Regulations do have a fee.  

Are there benefits for SCC members? 

Absolutely! SCC Members receive complimentary admission to the exhibit hall, while non-members pay a fee for exhibits starting in April.  In addition all the paid programming has SCC Member rates at a considerable savings (this rate also applies to members of our association partners such as PCPC and IKW.)  There will also be the popular NYSCC Members and their Guest networking mixer on May  3rd, that introduces new people to all that the SCC has to offer.  The Suppliers’ Day event website is constantly being updated, so please go to www.nyscc.org/suppliers-day to discover all that is offered. 

PCPC is sponsoring a workshop on Wednesday, May 3, on the topic: Modernization of Cosmetic Regulations. What will attendees learn there?

PCPC, Jay Ansell:

This year is certainly a time for reimaging and renewal in the global cosmetics and personal care industry, and never more so than in their regulation. The passage of the U.S. Modernization of Cosmetic Regulation Act (MoCRA) of 2022, historic legislation that gives the US FDA additional tools to ensure the safety of cosmetics and to protect public health, reinforcing consumer confidence in the products they trust and enjoy every day. In Europe, we see in the proposed ‘Green Deal’ the promise of extraordinary changes in how all consumer products are regulated, including cosmetics. 

This session will highlight the fundamentals of regulatory, safety, and product quality requirements to facilitate an understanding of these essential elements, including the new requirements in assuring the successful development and marketing of personal care products.

IKW together with the German society of scientific and applied cosmetics is running a successful series of seminars for safety assessment – live and as webinars. You are presenting at the PCPC workshop this year again.  What will you speak about? 

IKW, Birgit Huber:

I will speak about the newest developments in the European Union for cosmetics:

The "European Green Deal" announced as a strategy by the EU Commission is also likely to have far-reaching consequences for the cosmetics industry in the European Union. Some topics are moving more into the foreground and may have drastic consequences for our industry, such as the chemicals strategy for sustainability or the targeted revision of the EC Cosmetics Regulation. For example, it is about the issue of hazard assessment versus risk assessment for cosmetic ingredients. Furthermore, there is to be a uniform definition of the term "nanomaterial". Other topics are digitalisation in labelling, regulation of (particularly) hazardous substances, such as endocrine disruptors, and possibly other topics such as environment-related advertising.

How can US companies benefit from the experience of IKW?

The presentation gives an insight into the newest developments in the EU and the efforts of the industry can be helpful for the development of products by US companies for Europe. Furthermore, there are similar developments in the US in different regions, for which the experiences from the EU can be of support.

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