Tickle Your Senses, for a Sustainable Cosmetics

Interview with Dr. Elisa Altieri,
Market Manager – ROELMI HPC

Innovation in cosmetics never stops. In this interview, Dr. Elisa Altieri, Market Manager at ROELMI HPC, unveils the latest capsule collection, a cocktail of new formulas containing the ROELMI HPC developments in the skin microbiota care.

Your company motto is that the values related to sustainability and environmental and social respect should be at the core of any business. How do you live this claim?

At ROELMI HPC, we get inspired by circular economy, green chemistry and bio-fermentation models, to provide concrete solutions for the cosmetic and nutraceutical market. Based on strong scientific research, design and production of high-quality ingredients, we aim at achieving the highest performing results in final formulas, offering an ethical and responsible choice through sustainable innovation.

What is your approach to innovation in combination with sustainability?

Every day in our R&D laboratories, our experts genuinely study the opportunity that the richness of science and nature are giving us, transforming them into a high-performing ingredients that can simplify the work of formulators.

Thanks to the team of collaborators with different and complementary skills, ROELMI HPC is able to answer the market’s requirements, by developing distinctive and sustainable experiences such as new formulations and ingredients, all of them driven by our philosophy and creativity. 

With ‘Sense the beauty’ you make the claim to offer formulators a new formulation guideline beyond the cosmetic concept, targeting the skin microbiota care. Can you explain?

The aim of this collection is to offer to formulators a good starting point for their creations, and, at the same time, is a good example to show the performances of the different functional and active ingredients, involved in each formulation, in a final product. 

The main target is the on-trend skin microbiota care, in which ROELMI HPC, has developed different approaches to interact. With a strong basis on bio-fermentation, ROELMI HPC designed specific ingredients: firstly, ÆCTive®, to rebalance the skin environment affected by external stresses, like air pollution or salty/chlorinated water, then by using probiotic-derived ingredients, EquiBiotics®LRh , helps to enhance the microbiota eubiosis, thanks to its defense-boosting effect and molecular biomimetism. As a last step in the R&D process, the company has launched a new anti-aging ingredient, Ener-GY plus, with energizing properties for microbiota communities.

The formula “FROM DUSK TO DAWN” is the ideal daily ally: an overnight face mask to empower the skin microbiota ecosystem and support the skin barrier functionality. It improves skin texture for a smooth, even-toned and glowing skin. In the formula “BECAUSE I’M HAPPY”, a breath of freshness and energy, with this super light serum and its sweet notes of lime and sugar, helps to balance the skin ecosystem, for a more radiant, healthier and youthful look.

You mention a new revolution for beauty. What are the revolutionary ingredients and concepts you offer?

All the formulas contained in the “Sense the Beauty” capsule collection have been designed following the highest standard and the on-trends market needs. 

The formula “BEAUTY IN A NUTSHELL”, for example, is a 3-in-1 hybrid make-up product, that is following the trend of monodose products. With a creamy and light texture, “BEAUTY IN A NUTSHELL” offer is a high color lasting, easy spreading and glow effects, perfect for a monochromatic look for lips, cheeks and eyes. The key ingredient in this formula is the texturizing agent Olifeel®Pearls, responsible of the unique texture. That ingredient is just one of the upcycled products in the ROELMI HPC product portfolio: starting from non-edible olive oil by-products, we transformed into a high-quality ingredient with a biomimetic activity, due to its composition with strong affinity to the human skin. 

In the “MY LAGUNA BLU” formula, we offer an example of hyper-fluid face and neck cream in an easy-to-use dropper, designed to support a pro-age daily treatment. With a light texture and fast absorption, it is suitable also for gender-fluid applications improving the skin elasticity with a deep hydration. The star ingredient of this formula is the emulsifier BeauSens® E-SF, obtained by a green chemistry process starting from sunflowers. Using at very low dosage, BeauSens® E-SF can offer this type of super fluid emulsions, with good stability and pleasant skin feeling. 

The sensational texture is given by a pool of sustainable esters (Olifeel®, EMotion®, BeauSens®) coming from circular economy and green chemistry processes. The creation of a sensorial cascade with different technical features, helps formulators to transform their creativity into unique formulations that stand out in the market satisfying all consumer’s needs. 

Thanks to a full-grade sensorial benefits and versatility in applications, combined with a natural origin and a remarkable sustainable character, ROELMI HPC’s emollients make the difference. Alone or combined in synergy, they help to make new generation of highly sophisticated cosmetics.

“Empower your Ecosystem” is another company claim. How do your formulations not only respect skin microbiome but also planet harmony? 

At ROELMI HPC, we balance resources to empower the planet harmony in order to drive innovation in the health and personal care markets. In that direction, we strictly adopt an approach oriented to the environmental preservation, towards the biodiversity safeguard and the use of renewable sources. 

With our motto "The Empowerment of the ecosystem", we celebrate the euphony behind our process and the assets we employ in our operations, a brand-new approach to allow the development of compounds to achieve the well-being of the entire ecosystem, from the skin to the planet's harmony. 

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