Global Ingredients & Formulations Guide 2008, Hardcover

I Beauty and Perception

Considering the Voice of the Consumer when Developing Anti-Ageing Products: Product Features that Generate Buying Intention (F. Schaefer – Schaefer market research)

SensiMap™ Formulation Concept: Simplified Formulator Tools for Customizing Sensorial Properties in Emulsion Systems (J.M. Carey, B. Moran, F. Shuster, B. Vondruska – Lubrizol

Advanced Materials – Noveon® Consumer Specialties) A Sense of Wellbeing with Natural Actives (L. Prakash, M. Majeed – Sabinsa Corp.)

The Influence of the Preparation of Tea Extracts on their Antioxidant Capacity and Reactivity (K. Jung, M. Seifert – Gematria Test Lab; Th. Herrling – University of Applied Sciences)

Emulsifier-free Formulations with Biopolymers (H. Seidel – S. Black)

Astaxanthin and Skin Health (Th. Pohl – Harke – Synthana)

Ethylhexylglycerin – Improved Skin Feel and Much More (M. Leschke – Schülke & Mayr)

Nurturing Health & Wellness with Coconut Water Solids (M. Majeed, L. Prakash – Sabinsa Corp.)

Between Well-Being and Protection for Staying in Contact with One’s Skin: ArgiSens®, a biological amplifier of the sensory communication (J.-F. Molina – Solabia)

How to Create an Oscar-Winning Hair Film – or – What Properties does the Perfect Conditioning Agent Need? (K. Dieker, F. Ibarra – Dr. Straetmans)

Controlling Hair Sensory Attributes with a Small Molecule – Sensory Attributes Improvement by Hair Care Products Containing Sodium PCA (E. Oshimura – Aijnomoto)

Bridging the Gap Between Art and Science – SenSelect® (M. Chandler and K. Chen – Croda)

Combination of Microencapsulation and Silicones Offers New Sensory Options for Personal Care (T. Ostergaard – Dow Corning; S. Hawkins – Lipo)

Creating a More Milky and Bright Appearance with Opacifiers (L. Marlier, W. Van Drunen – Interpolymer)

Improving Product Sensory Characteristics – The »Happy Emollient« (Mrs Yaeh-Young Baek – Cognis)

NanoSolve: An Advanced Carrier System for Cosmetic Application (R. Wajda, J. Zirkel, K. Sauter – Lipoid)

II New Actives

Comparative Studies of Three Natural Active Ingredients on Caucasian and Asian Skin (D. Boudier, M. Le Guillou, B. Closs – Silab; K. Seatun – Spincontrol Asia; Prof. Li Li – West China Medical School)

Controlled Cooling: L-Menthol-Cyclodextrin Inclusion Compounds (M. Regiert – Wacker Chemie)

Use of a Soothing Mentha Piperita Extract to Improve the Well Being of Irritated and Sensitive Skin (Silab)

KiOsmetine-CG®125 – A Biopolymer of Non-Animal Chitin and Beta-Glucan (J. Ivosevic-Zaper – Impag)

Self-Tanners (V. Maienschein – Impag) Beracare BBA – New Organic Active for Hair Care (Beraca)

Alternative Preservation goes Natural (Dr. Straetmans)

Neuroimmunomodulatory Compound for Sensitive Skin Care (G. de Campos Dieamant, M.D.C.V. Pereda, S. Eberlin, J.E.P. Sanches Silveira, C. Nogueira, M.L. de Souza Queiroz – Unicamp; Chemyunion)

The Symbiosis between Nature and Chemistry (Dr. Straetmans)

III Legislation

REACh and the Consequences for Natural Ingredients (G. Ritzmann – Börlind)

A Validated Choice of In Vitro Alternative Methods to the Animal Use for Skin Corrosion and Irritation and Other Selected Choices for Eye Irritation and Skin Pigmentation (Ph. Gotteland – SkinEthic)

IV Formulations

Disclaimers for the formulations • Skin Care • Hair Care • Body Care • Decorative Cosmetic

V Company Index

Contact addresses, company description, product range, service

VI Suppliers’ Directory


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