Global Ingredients & Formulations Guide 2007, Hardcover

Nature and ecology have become fundamental elements of personal care today. The words natural, organic, herbal or ecological are integrated marketing terms. Natural extracts are incorporated into personal care formulations or are used as base materials for various ingredients. As environmental problems increase, customers try to maintain a measure of “naturalness” in their daily lives. The growing demand for natural and organic personal care products are part of this contemporary development. 

This year’s edition of the Global Ingredients Guide gives a detailed summary of the vast range of organic personal care ingredients available on the market. The biochemical correlation and efficacy of natural oils, sugars and derivates as well as plant, mushroom and algae extracts are discussed in this guide book. Formulations, efficacy results and a suppliers guide with product information assist R&D personnel, formulators, buyers and marketing personnel in their decision making process!


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