The Skin Microbiota Photoprotection: Crossing Frontiers in Skin Photoageing

Ò. Expósito, A. Guirado, M. Buchholz, A. Gallego, M. Mas, P. Riera, D. Luna, S. Laplana, T. Ruiz, S. Ruiz, M. Gibert, M. Molné

In the last years, the role of skin microbiota in modulating the skin homeostasis has been described. Less known is the microbiota role in the protection of skin against sun radiation. While a healthy and balanced skin microbiota helps protect the skin in front of the harmful effects of sun exposure, a microbiota having lost the correct equilibrium generates metabolites which affect the aspect of skin, worsening the photo-induced ageing.

The active Photobiome™ protects the microorganisms involved in skin photo-protection, boosting the good metabolites (antioxidants, soothing compounds, etc.) which help our skin defend itself in front of harmful radiation. Made from Punica granatum and Gossypium herbaceum stem cells, it contains a skin photo-protecting cocktail. It is a new active with anti-photo-ageing activity backed by a complete panel of in vitro and in vivo tests.


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