Dermohacking Senescence with a New AI-proven & Biotech Ingredient

C. Vigo Xancó, S. Bouhrir, E. Escudero, D. Manzano

Modern science has opened a variety of new ways to improve survival and quality of life. Meanwhile, the recent movement towards preventative health among the ever-increasing mature segment of the population, has boosted the emerged success of new healthcare concepts such as biohacking. This one-health movement goes hand in hand with unprecedented scientific advances appearing in the anti-aging field, particularly for cellular senescence. As these new advances on cellular senescence take ground in the scientific community, the beauty industry can better tap into the opportunities that this longevity era can offer. In this regard, Provital is taking the lead in a new type of cosmetics that will leverage technology, science, natural and holistic preferences to push the boundaries on efficacy and selectivity, while still supporting an environmentally friendly brand positioning: Dermohacking cosmetics. Altheostem™ is Provital’s first dermohacker. An Althaea rosea stem cell active that has proven its ability to selectively eliminate cellular senescence. This lab-grown active ingredient leverages biotechnology for a selective biological action on aged skin. In this article, Provital describes how the positive effects of its senolytic activity are thoroughly tested in vitro and in vivo, using both instrumental and Artificial Intelligence analysis, thus unveiling its well-aging power.


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