Greek Mountain Tea for Beauty Sleep and Night-Time Recovery

B. Walzel, A. Herrmann, U. Bätz, T. Shahzad, B. Senti, S. Bänziger

Good sleep is essential for our mental and physical health. Good sleep also makes our skin look more radiant and refreshed [1]. Tea rituals are known to promote sleep. They help to relax and unwind, they create a mood of calm, and they facilitate sleep. Therefore, tea-inspired ingredients are a good starting point to create cosmetic night-care concepts, especially ingredients derived from herbal teas that are free of stimulating substances. Greek mountain tea (Sideritis scardica) has a long tradition as natural remedy to calm body and mind. This unprocessed, caffeine- free, herbal tea has been used for centuries as natural sleep support. But there is more to mountain tea: it contains protective and regenerative phytochemicals that help our skin to recover overnight. Here we present Mountain Tea Pro (from now on called “Mountain Tea Extract”), a natural extract of organic Sideritis scardica herb from a traceable source, that brings together the concept of tea-inspired beauty rituals and activity-proven benefits for skin. It is a perfect cosmetic ingredient to create relaxing night-care, mood-enhancing self-care, and beauty-sleep products.


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