Gilles Andrier, CEO von Givaudan, erhält den Hall of Fame Award 2024 der Fragrance Foundation
Givaudan Active Beauty Launches Cristalhyal™ e-Perfection, Redefining Hyaluronic Acid (HA) for Flawless Skin
Givaudan Active Beauty Launches Neoporyl™, the Next Generation Pore Therapist
Givaudan Active Beauty Unveils Patchoul’Up™, a New Upcycled Active Ingredient for Hair and Scalp
Givaudan Announces House of Naturals
Givaudan Announces the Passing of Master Perfumer Olivier Pescheux
Givaudan Completes the Acquisition of Custom Essence
Givaudan Introduces PlanetCapsTM, the First-to-market Biodegradable Fragrance Capsules
Givaudan Joins Together for Sustainability (TfS)
Givaudan lanciert PlanetCapsTM – die ersten biologisch abbaubaren Riechstoffkapseln am Markt
Givaudan: 2023 Half year results - Solid Business Performance
Givaudan’s CEO Gilles Andrier to be Recognised with 2024 Hall of Fame Award from The Fragrance Foundation
The Scalable Power of Sichuan Pepper, Acting on Skin and Scalp!
The Scalable Power of Sichuan Pepper, Acting on Skin and Scalp!
‘Creatogether’: Givaudan Collaborates with TMIC to Launch Fragrance Industry’s First AI-powered Fragrance Co-creation Service in China
“Creatogether”: Givaudan kooperiert mit TMIC, um den branchenweit ersten KI-basierten Co-Creation-Service für Riechstoffe in China zu lancieren.
“What is love?”: Givaudan's Olfactive Exploration of Gen Z's Love Codes
Active Beauty on Air - Podcast by Givaudan Active Beauty
Calice Becker von Givaudan erhält renommierten Lifetime Achievement Perfumer Award der Fragrance Foundation
Givaudan 2022 Full Year Results
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