Surveys carried out by the market research company MINTEL show that consumers have increasingly opted for more conscious and sustainable purchases. Microbiome-friendly care products benefit from this trend. 

50% of US adult consumers of soap, bath and shower products are interested in trying products that protect the skin's microbiome. (Source: Mintel. Base: 1,963 internet users aged 18+ who use soap, bath, and shower products, US, December 2019) 

Sustainability is still the big trend. But besides taking care of the planet, customers also like to invest in high-end self-care products. 

Microbiome-friendly ingredients are among the most important factors to consider in terms of resilience and overall health of one's own body. 

Results of the surveys by MINTEL reflect MyMicrobiome’s experiences 

Dr. Kristin Neumann, co-founder of the independent quality seal "Microbiome-friendly", says the results match well with her own experience: "Customers demand clarity. They don't want expensive marketing. They want to be treated as mature consumers. Our seal is used as a criterion in the purchase decision, as it guarantees a product that takes the customer seriously and serves their well-being, their health and thus their beauty." 

Brands in USA take the lead outside of Europe 

Both many subcontractors and American brands such as Beekman 1802, CRUDE, DSM, Codex Beauty, Incospharm, Dr. Elsa Jungman, WOSH, have already been awarded with the MyMicrobiome seal. 

MyMicrobiome created the information platform in 2018 and developed the world's first and independent certification for Microbiome-friendly products, the "Microbiome-friendly" quality seal, in 2019, spearheaded by the founder Dr. Kristin Neumann.

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