ROELMI HPC is pleased to announce the release of its voluntary Social Report for the fifth consecutive year.

The Report illustrates the Company’s vision oriented to sustainability in all its facets and summarizes the strategic decisions for the Company, aimed at better addressing the needs of the stakeholders and supporting business growth in the most appropriate manner.

Within the pages of this report lies a testament to our tireless efforts in fostering social responsibility, and creating economic value. It serves as a reminder of our collective responsibility to protect our planet and contribute positively to society.

Highlights include:

  • The contribution to innovation, with four new ingredients for Health & Personal Care Market, as the result of the continued investment in cutting-edge research and technologies
  • The achievement of ISO 22000:2018 for the Food Safety Management Systems and the entry into the Sustainable RoundTable for Palm Oil
  • The saving of 31.582kg CO2equivalent in 2022 (+31% compared to 2021)
  • The creation of SynBalance company, the biotics-oriented spin-off which mission consists into deliver highly scientifically evidenced probiotic solutions aiming i.e. at women health, gut-skin axis, mental health, CV prevention and immunity modulation. 

“In ROELMI HPC, sustainability is the driver force of each activity and development. I am proud of the achieved results that illustrate the ethical work we conduct as a Company for a responsible and transparent business. Without the collective efforts and dedication of our employees, partners, and stakeholders, none of this would have been possible.” said Rosella Malanchin, CEO of ROELMI HPC. 

Details of the ROELMI HPC’s sustainable program (NIP®) and the annual report on the Company's commitment can be found on its dedicated website:

Thanks to the company’s long experience, ROELMI HPC deals with the market by a scientific method based on recognized quality, passion, targeted research, and tested solutions. ROELMI HPC aims to create sustainable innovation following the philosophies of respect for the environment, biodiversity preservation and use of sustainable sources through their program, NIP®. Aiming both at keeping high-quality standards and efficacies, while optimizing sustainability from the entire product Life Cycle perspective.

ROELMI HPC is the partner company to drive innovation in the Health & Personal Care markets. Our business deals with research, development and design of functional and active ingredients. We support the customers in the formulation, production and marketing for the health, beauty and medical devices markets. Our forefront formulations respect the principles of sustainability through the preservation of biodiversity and the use of renewable resources.


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