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Sisu – a way of northern happiness

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For two years in a row Finland is now the happiest nation in the World Happiness Report, followed by its neighbors Denmark, Norway and Sweden. When we think of Finland, we think of impressive nature, loneliness and long dark and cold winters in nearly total darkness. So how does it come that the Finns are so happy and in harmony with themselves?

The Finnish Sisu seems to provide an answer. As for Hygge and Lagom there is no translation for the word Sisu - it is an attitude towards life. While the Danish Hygge centers around coziness and comfort and the Swedish Lagom around balance, the basis of the Finnish Sisu is to withstand difficult situations. Traditional ice bathing and sauna sessions are an expression of that.

Inspired by Sisu, CLR developed two goal-oriented formulations with MultiMoist CLR™. MultiMoist CLR™ consists of a powerful synergistic blend of fructooligosaccharides and beta vulgaris (beet) root extract from Finland. Vitamin D plays a pivotal role in successful epidermal differentiation and, therefore, the skin‘s moisture level. There is not much we can do about vitamin D deficiency, unfortunately. The goal is, however, to make the most of the vitamin D we have to provide skin with optimum health, even in times with little daylight. To achieve this goal it is essential to activate the vitamin D receptor and this is what MultiMoist CLR™ does. MultiMoist CLR™ - a new approach for the next generation of smart moisturizers.


Quick Breaking Lotion

Quick Breaking Lotion

This innovative Quick Breaking Lotion is the ideal skin care after a sauna session to refresh and comfort skin. When in contact with the surface of the skin, the gel structure of the Quick Breaking Lotion breaks open. This makes the water content of the product visible as a light film of water on the skin and evaporates within a few seconds, which leads to pleasant cooling.

MultiMoist CLR™ increases production and activation of the vitamin D receptor, making it a smart moisturizing solution, especially in times with little daylight.


Luminizing Highlighter Stick

Luminizing Highlighter Stick

Healthy looking skin has a natural glow. But sometimes stress, pollution and harsh weather conditions make the skin look pale and irritated. The Luminizing Highlighter Stick sets shimmering accents on the face and décolleté and provides skin with a radiant complexion. The light texture gently melts into the skin and creates a natural finish.

MultiMoist CLR™ and Vitamin F forte work synergistically together to maintain or re-obtain a healthy level of hydration and smoothness.



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