The personal care market is a challenging environment, evolving so fast. How do you stay ahead and meet the needs of the individual consumer? 

How do you ensure global regulatory compliance and accelerate time to market? 

The Coptis technology solutions for cosmetic R&D are designed to continuously improve formulator’s laboratory work while ensuring regulatory compliance. 

Today Coptis has more than 3,000 users worldwide.

The newly launched Coptis Video Learning is now available and allow users to improve their knowledge of the Coptis LAB software from everywhere at any time. 

They can view many different features and improve their knowledge of the Coptis LAB software. 

This is a continuous and scalable training offered by modules at difficulty levels: basic, intermediate and advanced.

New tutorials videos are regularly posted on the platform.

Coptis users can get their ‘Coptis Video Learning’ licenses and connect this e-learning center by contacting right now their sales representative.

The Coptis solutions are industry standard with continuous evolutions to meets user’s needs in cosmetic products development. 

Coptis is a leading provider of Cosmetic R&D software solutions, based in US, Europe and Singapore.

Coptis Lab, our major product, is an integrated system for formulation development and regulatory affairs.

It enables the cosmetic industry to efficiently manage development projects, reduce time to market and improve the quality and reliability of information.

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