The Corona Pandemic has profoundly changed our world and our everyday life. People have re-evaluated their life priorities and shifted their values with a focus on the essential and what is really important to them. In the spring edition 2021 of our virtual exhibition series we present four categories and explain how they are influenced by Covid-19.

The smart way of aging

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We can’t stop aging, but we can do it smartly – with formulations that keep the skin healthy and in balance at every age.

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The value of health

1569 03 CLR NL 21 05 ValueHealth

This 2-inConsumers have a clear focus on a healthier lifestyle and an increasingly holistic approach. We talk about single use formats, hand care and immune support.

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Stay Strong!

1567 04 CLR NL 21 05 StayStrong

A holistic approach to health also includes mental health. We have a look at self-care experiences and a relaxing routine for improved sleep quality.

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Spring Awakening

1565 05 CLR NL 21 05 SpringAwakening

A refreshing spring ritual cares for body and mind. Discover inspiring formulations providing Vitamin D support, a beautiful glow and deeply nourishing care..

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