Everyone knows hyaluronic acid! It’s the ingredient for combatting skin’s dryness and dullness as we age. But not everyone knows, that this ingredient can unlock many more key consumer benefits depending on the molecule size: the largest stay on the surface for a dewy look, while the smallest retain moisture from the inside to visibly plump out wrinkles. Given the staying power of the "Medical Beauty" trend and booming demand for cosmeceuticals, we would like you to meet DSM’s three microbiome friendly powerful hyaluronic acid grades of HYA-ACT™:

  • HYA-ACT™ M (Medium Molecular Weight of 1.0–1.3 MDa)
    • Provides immediate hydration and strengthens the skin barrier by building a superior protecting film.
    • A single application enhances hydration after just one hour.
  • HYA-ACT™ S (Small Molecular Weight of 200–400 KDa)
    • Locks in moisture for an even greater hydration boost and calms reddened skin.
    • When combined with HYA-ACT™ M, it delivered up to a 77% hydration boost in our in-vivo study.
  • HYA-ACT™ XS (Very Small Molecular Weight of 37–56 KDa)
    • Retains moisture from the inside and plumps out fine wrinkles.
    • Skin’s elasticity improves after just 15 days.

HYA-ACT™ IN & ON – DSM’s formulation for you ready to use

This lightweight cosmetic anti-wrinkle serum skin care formulation contains a highly concentrated, well-balanced mix of hyaluronic acid forms with different molecular seizes: HYA-ACT™ M, HYA-ACT™ S and HYA-ACT™ XS. Combined with the powerful targeted peptide SYN®-HYCAN that boosts the hyaluronan content in the skin, and Vitamin B12 to help smooth wrinkles, plump skin and deliver a vibrant looking complexion, all in a luxurious texture. It’s the ultimate beauty boost from the skin biology experts.

About DSM

As a global science-based company active in Nutrition, Health and Sustainable Living, DSM is a world leading supplier of vitamins, feed, food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, personal care and aroma ingredients. In sunscreens. DSM is a leading world-wide provider of numerous UV filters, including Avobenzone. More information on DSM’s full catalog of UV filters can be found on the DSM Personal Care website at www.dsm.com/personalcare.

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