Cosmetic is not only a sensorial experience. Cosmetic ingredients touch consumers’ intellect, skin and soul, through the respective wonders of technology, sensory and emotions they convey or catalyze.

As a technological pioneer of the natural ester technology, the 1912 founded German manufacturer IOI Oleo GmbH pushes further its personal care strategy based on a repositioned portfolio, supported by new scientific data and concrete sustainable developments.

About Technologies

For IOI Oleo, touching the subject of technologies is to deep-dive in understanding esters performances and applications. To complete a century of chemical and manufacturing expertise, a program of systematic in-vivo testing has been established to generate comparable moisturization data, film-forming properties and consumer perception insights. 

In a context of growing pressure on formula performance, new data on emulsifiers compatibility (IMWITOR® types), structure micellar formation (SOFTIGEN® 767) as well as natural anti-microbial multifunctional esters like SOFTISAN® GC8 (Glyceryl Caprylate) or SOFTISAN® PG2 C10 (Polyglyceryl-2 Caprate) allow for a better choice of options when selecting an ingredient for your signature touch.

In terms of new launches, sustainability is in the spotlight with the industrial and commercial success of the first ever RSPO segregated grade of MCT as well as the upgrade of MIGLYOL® 8810 to MIGLYOL® 8810 ECO. This unique vegan and natural emollient (NOI 1.0) has been elevated with suncare data to simplify modern formulators’ challenges, meeting both sustainability and performance. With water-light non-oily skin feel, it facilitates the solubilization of crystalline UV-filters, wets pigments, and helps maintaining a high SPF while naturally moisturizing the skin.

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Sensorial Technologies

The meeting point of technology and consumer finds place in a sensorial experience that reveals crucial to the recurring success of a formula. IOI Oleo provides a refined choice of multifunctional ingredients to create texture, pick-up, playtime and perceived after-feel to design your signature touch.

As designers of touch and technologies, the application lab (CARE Studio) analyses sensory trends and exhibits at In-cosmetics sensory bar a new formulation kit called Nocturnal Day Dreaming featuring a night & day concept with a light spray, an airy whipped cream, a weightless face oil and a creamy rinse-off scrub paste. Focusing on relaxing night pampering steps, it re-energizes the morning routine for the rest of the day.

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Emotional Technologies

Cosmetic ingredients also have a big impact on how we feel. Touch is vital to our well-being, helping us connect and communicate, reducing stress or anxiety, and even leading to better mental health. Beyond the emotional benefits of the Nocturnal Day Dreaming kit, IOI Oleo continuously develops initiatives to address consumer emotions by supporting local initiatives (SheEnvisions), reducing impact on the planet (EMAS, CO2 footprint, …) or increasing transparency (EcoVadis, Transparency One, …).

Come experience the three pillars of Touching Technologies at in-cosmetics stand D108.

About IOI Oleo GmbH:
Technology, Sensory & Emotion towards a greener world: expert of Touching Technologies, IOI Oleo GmbH creates, develops, produces, and sells natural sustainable oleo-specialty ingredients. Reliable made-in-Germany brands (IMWITOR®, MIGLYOL®…) inspire trust for cosmetic applications, supporting your signature touch with full portfolio and service.

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