Lipoid Kosmetik is a leading manufacturer of high-quality botanical extracts, actives and natural phospholipid products for the cosmetic and personal care industry. With a clear insight into our consumers’ needs, Lipoid Kosmetik develops innovative, natural and efficacy-proven products meeting the highest standards. 

Lipoid Kosmetik has once again achieved success at the 22nd annual BSB Innovation Awards in 2024. These awards, which recognize innovations in cosmetics and natural products, are highly esteemed within the industry, attracting submissions from leading brands worldwide each year. The competition was fierce, with an array of groundbreaking products showcased by renowned companies, underscoring the significance of the BSB Innovation Awards as a barometer of innovation in the cosmetic and personal care industry. 

We take great pride in being honored with this prestigious accolade once more in 2024. In the category of Cosmetics/Raw Materials/Actives, our latest product launch, BakuLipid®, a blend of the plant-derived retinol alternative bakuchiol and unsaturated phospholipids for skin penetration enhancement, won the 3rd prize. Additionally, our new product PhytoSolve® Astaxanthin, a pre-formed emulsion featuring the potent antioxidant astaxanthin and natural phospholipids, secured the 3rd prize in the Cosmetics/Raw Materials/Functionals and Recipients category. Furthermore, our activity-proven extract Immortelle Oil Pro, renowned for its firming and skin-evening properties, was awarded the 2nd prize in the Natural Products/Raw Material/Actives category, with the international jury praising “its compelling efficacy results in addressing a perennial challenge in body care.” 

Being among the winners of this year’s BSB Innovation Awards alongside other industry leaders underscores our unwavering commitment to pioneering innovative, natural ingredients backed by robust scientific research, appealing concepts, and in alignment with prevailing cosmetic trends. 

About Lipoid Kosmetik AG 

Lipoid Kosmetik is a leading manufacturer of natural raw materials for the cosmetic and personal care industry. High-quality botanical actives and extracts (Lipoid Kosmetik AG, Switzerland) as well as pharma grade natural lecithins and phospholipids (Lipoid GmbH, Germany) are part of our sophisticated portfolio. 

As a pioneer in these fields, Lipoid Kosmetik has gained an outstanding reputation in the global cosmetic industry over the last 50 years. This long-standing expertise, in combination with the exceptional quality of our portfolio, enables our customers to develop market innovative, functional and natural cosmetic products meeting the highest standards.

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