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Mindful Beauty

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Consumers approach to health and well-being is holistic, constantly searching for a sustainable balance between body and mind. The modern consumer is a mindful consumer. Mindfulness is all about harmony and balance. It is essential in the face of psychological and physiological stress and external influences on the human body.

Well-being and being in harmony with yourself are the basis for feeling beautiful. This is a profoundly emotional topic. Cosmetic products that provide us with a well-being experience (look, scent, texture, skin feel) give us a feeling of comfort and being good to ourselves.

For our skin well-being and feeling comfortable can only be achieved when skin is healthy. Cosmetic products that aim to provide the consumer with a sustainable feeling of well-being need highly effective and goal-oriented ingredients to improve overall skin health. Probiotic, prebiotic and adaptogenic ingredients from CLR are a perfect match to make your products smart and relevant.

Discover the four cornerstones of healthy skin


Luxury Well-being Gel Mask

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Experience an exclusive skin care treatment with this mask and let yourself be pampered by its luxurious scent and texture. The combination of two smart active ingredients provides skin with a holistic approach to overall skin health.

ProRenew Complex CLR™ makes sure that the natural health of our skin and skin cells is safeguarded. AnnonaSense CLR™ sustainably stabilizes a healthy homeostasis in skin, improving skin appearance and perception of well-being.


Well-being Scalp Treatment

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A healthy scalp is essential for beautiful and healthy hair. As our scalp is constantly challenged, it needs support from protective, balancing and soothing active ingredients to keep its balance. This quickly absorbing Well-being scalp treatment combines two highly effective active ingredients and leaves scalp with a pleasant scent and non-sticky feeling.

MultiMoist CLR™ deeply moisturizes and nourishes scalp. AnnonaSense CLR™ effectively soothes and calms irritated scalp. It supports scalp to keep its balance, improving scalp health and well-being.



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12 - 14 September 2019

FLSCC Sunscreen Symposium

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24 - 25 September 2019

Skin Microbiome Congress

San Francisco, CA, USA


2 - 3 October 2019

SCC California Suppliers´ Day

Long Beach, California, USA
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