For the last eight years, the CEW France network has been rewarding professionals in the beauty sector at the Achiever Awards.

CEW France’s ambition is to bring together all the players in the beauty industry, to unite them and allow them to share their experiences for an evening. This ceremony was held in Paris, at Le Faust, on 14 October 2019.

greentech pr 20191028

Prizes in 9 categories were awarded. Jean-Yves Berthon -CEO of Greentech, an expert in biotechnology was awarded the Achiever Innovation Award, as being the one who has launched “an action or a company whose concept brings a real wind of innovation.

Jean-Yves Berthon knows how to learn from natural resources and to offer environmentally friendly and innovative active ingredients.

GREENTECH Group is an international biotechnology company present on all continents and including 4 companies, GREENTECH, GREENSEA, BIOVITIS and MAPRIC in Brazil. A pioneer in plant biotechnology, GREENTECH develops and produces high-tech active ingredients from the plant, marine and microbial worlds for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals. This group comprises 200 people, 30% of whom are dedicated to research. GREENTECH collaborates with local producers for the establishment of long-term cooperation, with mutual benefits.
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