Evonik Partners with Jland Biotech to Market Vegan Collagen for Cosmetic Applications
Full Spectrum Hyaluronans: Evidence of Effectiveness by Fine-tuning Development of Cell Physiology
Functional Connection between Skin Touch and Oxytocin Release to Help Fight Aging
Funktionelle Verbindung zwischen Hautberührung und Oxytocin-Ausschüttung und ihr Einfluss auf die Hautalterung
Givaudan Active Beauty Presents Sericoside to Offer Skin a Second Youth through Cellular Reprogramming
Hydrophobic Cellulose – Micro-fine Texture at Ultra-strong Performance for a Measurable Soft-focus Effect
Hydrophobierte Cellulose – mikro-fein aber ultra-stark in ihrer Leistung für einen messbaren Soft-Fokus Effekt
IFF / Lucas Meyer Cosmetics Product Launch for in-cosmetics Global 2020
Lipoid Kosmetik – New Botanical Active PhytoCodine®
Lipoid Kosmetik – New Botanical Active PhytoCodine® (2)
LipoTrue: Æonome™ - an Agebiotic as a New Approach to Skin’s Microbiome to Unlock Antiaging Properties
LIPOTRUE: Innovation to the Core: D/scover, Develop & Del/ver
Lubrizol Introduces Lapagyl™ Advanced Botanical Ingredient
Lubrizol Introduces Uplevity™ e-Lift Peptide
Matrix-Shaping Face Cream
Mibelle Biochemistry Presents: Alpine Rose Active Clearing Age-promoting Cells
Microphyt has come up with an Innovative Solution to Regulate the Cell Communication Linked with the Aging Process: PhycoAge™, an Oil-based Longevity Concentrate
My Laguna Blu
Natural Astaxanthin – the Red Diamond among Radical Scavengers – for a Natural Balance of the Skin
Natural WOW Blush
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