Kalaguard® SB is the first and only sodium benzoate approved under BPR PT 6 in Europe, providing a green, consumer friendly alternative to home care preservatives under regulatory pressure. 
Emerald Kalama Chemical received approval in the European Union from the member states for the registration of Kalaguard® SB sodium benzoate preservative, which inhibits microbial growth in home care applications such as cleaners, detergents, hand dishwashing liquids and fabric softeners.

Sodium benzoate is a trusted, effective preservative that has been used for years in foods, beverages and personal care applications. However, it has not been available to home care formulators until now, following Emerald’s registration of Kalaguard® SB under Europe’s Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR) PT 6.

“Regulatory restrictions and consumer preferences are putting increasing pressure on many of the traditional preservative chemistries used in home care. New preservatives need to be registered, and with no new registrations for years, the palette of preservative options has continued to shrink. We saw the opportunity to provide an attractive alternative that is effective, green and easy to use,” said Paul Hogan, vice president and general manager of Emerald Kalama’s Consumer Specialties business.

Kalaguard® SB sodium benzoate is classified as a low-risk substance by the European Commission for applications governed by the BPR and is preferred over classical biocides to encourage the use of products with a more favorable environmental or human or animal health profile.

“Today’s consumers want assurances that the products they purchase have a green profile and are safe to bring into their homes. For these reasons, Kalaguard® SB is a very consumer friendly solution. It is nature identical, biodegradable and authorized for use under green label programs such as Ecocert, Ecolabel and Nordic Swan. It is also classified as non-sensitizing and non-irritating to the skin,” said Paul Wanrooij, global business development director, Consumer Specialties.

Wanrooij indicated that Kalaguard® SB also has benefits for the formulator because it is easy to use and to incorporate into a wide variety of household products. It is virtually odorless and colorless, resists yellowing and generally has little impact on viscosity.

Emerald produces Kalaguard® SB at its facility in Rotterdam, the Netherlands using the highest standards for quality and corporate responsibility, including ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001. 

For information on Kalaguard® SB or other Kalama® products, available globally, visit www.emeraldkalama.com or www.kalaguard.com. You can also contact Emerald Kalama Chemical at +31.88.888.0500, +1.360.954.7100 or kalama@emeraldmaterials.com

About Emerald Kalama Chemical

Emerald Kalama Chemical is the world leader in benzoate chemistry and a trusted and reliable supplier of specialty materials, focusing on flavor and fragrance ingredients, non-phthalate plasticizers, antimicrobials and synthesis intermediates These products bring performance and value to a wide range of applications, making them longer lasting, more appealing and higher performing: adhesives, agriculture, cosmetics, foods and beverages, household care, paints and coatings, personal care, pharmaceuticals, rubber, vinyl and more. Emerald serves customers worldwide, with a global sales network and facilities in the U.S. and Europe. Emerald Kalama Chemical is a business group of Emerald Performance Materials.
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