The first of its kind, FILL Oléoactif® is a natural, liposoluble active ingredient that has been developed with sustainable sourcing (upcycled, local French origin) and respect for Good Harvesting Practices. Designed with two emblematic Mediterranean plants —Myrtus communis (myrtle) and Olea europaea (olive) — which boast remarkable antioxidant and repairing properties and a high concentration of Phytoside™ (myricitrin, oleuropein), FILL Oléoactif® activates natural healing pathways to counter-balance skin aging signs and restore younger skin architecture.

 A 1% dose of our newest Oléoactif® has been proven effective at:

  • Modulating innovative key genes and proteins of cell defense, stem cells, epidermal regeneration and dermal remodeling

  • Removing skin roughness by -22% with a skin resurfacing action

  • Visibly erasing wrinkles: number (-49%), length (-45%) and surface (-41%) for an ultimate filler effect in a natural and non-invasive manner

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