REVILIENCE® is a vitalizing natural active ingredient derived from the Sphingomonas panaciterrae bacterium. It restores the skin's "vitality signature" by regulating biological pathways linked to the metabolism and protection of cutaneous cells. Thanks to its rapid action, after just 7 days of treatment, the complexion's radiance is sublimated, and hydration is improved.

Sphingomonas panaciterrae, an incredible source of vitality

Ginseng is known to cause numerous changes and deficiencies in its environment, impacting the availability of nutrients, especially nitrogen. 

To survive in this hostile environment, the Sphingomonas panaciterrae bacterium, present in the ginseng rhizosphere, deploys protective mechanisms via the production of sphingane-type Exopolysaccharides (EPS). It exhibits for itself and its host bio-protective and bio-stimulant properties, granting it an incredible "vitality capital" that SILAB has chosen to enhance in its active ingredient, REVILIENCE®.

Combining a wealth of expertise

Bioguiding and enzymatic engineering

The company consequently developed a biotechnological process of controlled nitrogen deficiency applied to Sphingomonas panaciterrae, which doubled its EPS production compared with a non-deficient process. Coupled with a specific enzymatic hydrolysis, this unique bio-inspired approach resulted in an active ingredient composed of oligosphinganes of interest, capable of improving the metabolism of skin lacking vitality.

Modeling based on omics sciences 

Relying on solid scientific expertise based on transcriptomics, SILAB has established the gene mapping of skins subjected to nutritional deficiency (growth factor depletion) or physiological deficiency (aging), thanks to an unprecedented modeling study. These two deficiency conditions revealed a common degradation of epidermal cell metabolism and protection mechanisms.

A restored "vitality capital"

By reactivating these biological pathways in deficient skin, REVILIENCE® restores the skin's "vitality signature". Cellular metabolism is thus stimulated, and the quality of the cutaneous barrier reinforced. Tested at 2.5% on young and mature Caucasian volunteers, the active ingredient enhances complexion radiance and improves hydration as early as 7 days after treatment.

REVILIENCE® is a patented natural active ingredient, recommended in all skincare products for skin lacking vitality at a dose of 0.5 to 2.5%. Available in an aqueous solution, it is easy to formulate. It complies with biodiversity regulations and has a natural origin content of 98.8% (ISO 16128). It conforms with international cosmetics regulations (Europe, USA, China, Japan, and more).



SILAB develops, manufactures and markets purified, patented natural active ingredients with proven efficacy to the world's leading names in the cosmetics and dermocosmetics industry. Its products, designed to care for both healthy and fragile skin, are easy to formulate and respectful of the environment. By remaining true to its founding values of independence, excellence, and quality, SILAB has been a world leader in the engineering of natural active ingredients since its creation over 35 years ago. 

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