Lipoid Kosmetik is a leading manufacturer of high-quality botanical extracts, actives and natural phospholipid products for the cosmetic and personal care industry. With a clear insight into our consumers’ needs, Lipoid Kosmetik presents Immortelle Oil Pro, a COSMOS-certified, substantiated extract for body care applications targeting even and firm skin. 

A toned body contour with smooth and firm skin is a desirable goal for many beauty consumers. Skin imperfections, like stretch marks, can significantly impact a person's own body image and impair the quality of life. Stretch marks are caused by the rupture of collagen and elastin fibers in the skin’s connective tissue. Cosmetic strategies to improve stretch marks and skin firmness involve reinforcing the skin matrix, reducing redness and inflammation, and enhancing microcirculation through mechanical stimulation. 

Lipoid Kosmetik makes use of the skin matrix-improving properties of the golden Immortelle flower, also known as Helichrysum italicum, to create Immortelle Oil Pro, an efficacy-proven extract for body care. Its active, lipophilic components strengthen the skin matrix and reduce inflammation, leading to a substantiated improvement in stretch mark appearance and skin firmness. As an oil-based extract, Immortelle Oil Pro is ideal to be incorporated into products that can be massaged into the skin, resulting in the following user benefits: 

• Reduction of stretch mark appearance 

• Increase of skin firmness 

• Enhancement of skin evenness & smoothness 

• Perfection of body contour 

Taken together, Immortelle Oil Pro is ideal addition for precious body care applications promoting a refined body silhouette with even and firm skin. 

Immortelle Oil Pro Mockup 400

About Lipoid Kosmetik AG 

Lipoid Kosmetik is a leading manufacturer of natural raw materials for the cosmetic and personal care industry. High-quality botanical actives and extracts (Lipoid Kosmetik AG, Switzerland) as well as pharma grade natural lecithins and phospholipids (Lipoid GmbH, Germany) are part of our sophisticated portfolio. 

As a pioneer in these fields, Lipoid Kosmetik has gained an outstanding reputation in the global cosmetic industry over the last 50 years. This long-standing expertise, in combination with the exceptional quality of our portfolio, enables our customers to develop market innovative, functional and natural cosmetic products meeting the highest standards.

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