Active Concepts has unveiled an exciting innovation in skincare with the introduction of the BioAuthentic Exosomes lineup. The company's steadfast commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly practices has propelled them on a transformative journey, reshaping the future of skincare through the lens of Green Chemistry principles. Traditionally, exosomes have been sourced from animal or human stem cells. However, Active Concepts is poised to revolutionize this approach with their groundbreaking BioAuthentic Exosomes. These extraordinary all-natural vesicles, crafted to mimic exosomes, are sourced exclusively from botanical origins. Through harnessing the remarkable capabilities of exosomes, Active Concepts has developed targeted skincare solutions that promise unparalleled benefits for your skin. 

The company has previously introduced liposomes within their Delivery Systems technology platform, but now they are embarking on an exhilarating journey into uncharted territory: Exosomes. Exosomes represent the smallest form of extracellular vesicles, naturally occurring membrane particles. These minuscule messengers are released by most cells in response to various stimuli, emerging as promising candidates for therapeutic and diagnostic applications. Their exceptional ability to enhance cell-to-cell communication and intracellular interactions significantly enhances the efficiency of delivering actives and ingredients precisely where they are needed. 

Active Concepts' BioAuthentic Exosomes offer compelling reasons to make them your top choice: 

  • Functional Advantage: Active Concepts' exosomes stand out with their membrane proteins, guaranteeing structural stability. This unique feature ensures that the product delivers consistent and effective results, giving you confidence in your skincare routine.  
  • Purely Natural: In a world where natural ingredients are increasingly valued, Active Concepts goes the extra mile by exclusively deriving their exosomes from natural sources. This commitment to purity aligns perfectly with their dedication to sustainability, providing you with products that are both effective and environmentally friendly. 
  • Power of Customization: In the skincare industry, exosomes have long been associated primarily with anti-aging solutions. However, at Active Concepts, we're rewriting the narrative. Our BioAuthentic Exosomes line is a game-changer, allowing brands to choose a revolutionary delivery system tailored to their unique intended benefits. Our approach is driven by the understanding that skincare is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Skincare brands now have the power to customize their products to meet their customers' desires, rather than being confined to the limits of anti-aging marketing. The future of skincare is all about innovation meeting intention, and our BioAuthentic Exosomes lead the way in this transformative journey. 

Introducing the BioAuthentic Exosomes Active Concepts Lineup: 

AC ExoVitalize: Reviving Skin on a Cellular Level 

Say goodbye to tired, sagging skin with AC ExoVitalize. This groundbreaking product revitalizes skin cells through encouraging oxidative phosphorylation and glycolysis, revealing a more youthful and lifted appearance. The secret lies in the powerful combination of grapefruit and watermelon extracts, ensuring your skin looks and feels its best. 

AC ExoTone: Harmonizing Your Complexion 

Achieving a harmonious complexion is a symbol of beauty, and AC ExoTone is designed to help you attain just that. This ingredient addresses brown spots, enhances cellular renewal, and evens out your skin tone, leaving you with a radiant and balanced complexion. Plus, it proudly features upcycled apples sourced from the Lincoln County Apple Festival, a festival that takes place in Active Concepts’ home base, allowing us to make local connections and contribute to a sustainable future. 

AC ExoRestore: Accelerated Wound Healing 

Sensitive skin can be prone to injuries through exposure to environmental stressors, acne breakouts, and microtears from harsh exfoliation. However, AC ExoRestore provides an effective solution. This product accelerates wound healing and skin restoration, harnessing the potent benefits of bitter melon extract, renowned for its prebiotic properties. 

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About Active Concepts

Harnessing cuting-edge technological advances allows Active Concepts to create novel cosmetic bioactives for brand differentiation. Active Concepts delivers a competitive edge in innovation and sustainable business initiatives, providing the personal care and cosmetic industry with value-added raw materials and unmatched customer service.

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