Responding to skin's specific needs with transversal benefits 

To outline the profile of a universal beauty, SILAB identified the main skin characteristics of consumers according to ethnicity, gender, and age. Three expectations stand out: 

  • a beautiful skin quality, characterized by skin hydration and fine skin texture for a smoothed microrelief; 
  • an even, radiant complexion, free from spots related to post-inflammatory scars and skin aging; 
  • reduced signs of aging thanks to firmer skin and faded wrinkles. 

Proven efficacy, from cell to skin 

The combination of SILAB’s expertise in tissue engineering and in transcriptomics has enabled the exploration of the transversal activity spectrum of INCLUSIUM® on the biological pathways essential for epidermal and dermal functions. Thanks to a large-scale exploratory study, it has been established that INCLUSIUM®: 

  • stimulates epidermal functionalities by modulating the biological pathways related to the physical and water barrier, the immune barrier, and the anchoring of the epidermis to the dermis; 
  • reinforces the dermal matrix quality by boosting the synthesis of collagen I and reducing the synthesis of MMP-1. 

Furthermore, five clinical studies were specifically designed to demonstrate the performance of INCLUSIUM®. Evaluated on mixed gender groups with young and mature, Caucasian, Asian, Latino-American and Afro-American panels, this active ingredient provides a hydra-smoothing, complexion-perfecting and anti-wrinkle effect as of 7 days of application. 

Alfalfa, an herbaceous plant with many virtues 

To develop the active ingredient INCLUSIUM®, enriched in galactomannans, SILAB has used the seeds of alfalfa, a plant native to Asia and that has been cultivated throughout the world for thousands of years, for both its nutritional qualities and medicinal properties. 

Certified organic farms selected in France guarantee a secure, traceable supply. 

INCLUSIUM® is a patented active ingredient recommended at a dose of 0.5 to 2.5%. Available in aqueous solution, it is easy to formulate. It complies with biodiversity regulations and has a natural origin content of 99.2% (ISO 16128). It complies with international cosmetics regulations (Europe, USA, China, Japan, etc.). 


SILAB develops, manufactures and markets purified, patented natural active ingredients with proven efficacy to the world's leading names in the cosmetics and dermocosmetics industry. Its products, designed to care for both healthy and fragile skin, are easy to formulate and respectful of the environment. By remaining true to its founding values of independence, excellence, and quality, SILAB has been a world leader in the engineering of natural active ingredients since its creation over 35 years ago. 

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