BPX Gemini is a patent-pending range of dimeric surfactants with two molecules of conventional monomeric surfactants connected by a spacer. The unique feature of the BPX Gemini is that the spacer contains carboxyamide groups which makes the surfactant easily biodegradable by natural proteases.

Thanks to its unique ability to form micelles in aqueous solutions at much lower concentrations, BPX Gemini enhances the performance of eco-friendly surfactants such as APG by reducing turbidity, increasing foaming and foam stability.

Another important function of the BPX Gemini is the pronounced emulsifying and co-emulsifying properties that may add value in creams, lotions and milks formulations.

Vladislav Perunov, CFA, FCCA, Director at Biopolax comments, “The growing use of mild and eco-friendly surfactants like Alkyl Polyglycosides is driven by the changing consumer preference towards sustainable chemistry but might fall short of the performance standards offered by the mass-market. We feel that the performance-boosting properties of BPX Gemini will add value in the market and help to further the uptake of environmentally benign solutions”.

Biopolax has recently partnered with IMPAG for the distribution of its original BPX-S6 range – a plant-based multi-functional ingredient – in the French personal and home market.

Biopolax will be exhibiting at the In-Cosmetics Global in Paris on 16-18 March 2024 (Stand 2B68B within the UK Pavilion).

Biopolax is a UK-based developer, patent-holder and manufacturer of innovative plant-based components for eco-friendly home and personal care products.

We are driven by the mission to help transition towards the sustainable chemistry in detergents and cosmetics. We focus our R&D effort on the development of new environmentally-conscious ingredientsin line with the demands of the industry.


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